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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vegetarian Restaurant Imperial Art Cottage

Date - 14th February 2014
Chap Goh Mei Dinner

This is my second visit at this restaurant.. You may view first experience by clicking here.. Truly affordable vegetarian restaurant...

My dad and me 
Due to chinese calendar is 15th day, we opt for vegetarian meal for our dinner... We are not vegan but I said I will try to eat vegetarian meal on 1st and 15th... Just try my best.. Normal day, we will also opt to more vege compare to all meat...

My sister with her new hair style
Dunplig Soup - RM7.90
The taste really the same as my last visit on Aug 2013.. Really maintaining well the quality of food... There are 5 pieces of dumpling... The soup base you can taste "Dong Kwai".. So your body can feel a bit heat... Good for blood circulation....

Fried Koey Teow - RM6.90
Surprisingly taste good... Yummy Yummy !! In chinese this fried hor fun call "Kon Chau Hor".. Something like dry fried noodle... Its smell good and really taste Kon Chau Hor... Even though no meat but its didnt tasteless.. Not oily at all... Healthy fried noodle...

Fu Yong Rice - RM6.90
 For non-vege restaurant, this Fu Yong Rice, the ingredient to fried this egg will be prawn, char siew and onion... So this is vege restaurant all that three is a NO... So here they use green bean...Top with tomato sauce... Its delicious.. Its quite a big bowl and the fried egg very thick... 

Curry Beancurd Rice - RM6.90
 Delicious.. The curry taste like indian curry.. Eat with white rice.. really yummy !!!

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