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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Awesome Porridge @ Pudu Wai Sek Kai

Location - Pudu Wai Sek Kai at Jalan Sayur (半山芭為食街)

About 17 years ago, I stayed at Off Jalan San Peng, I had my dinner at Wai Sek Kai almost everyday.. My favourite will be Curry Chee Cheung Fun. But other stalls worthy to give it a try.. Nowadays there isnt much very local or traditional street food around places.. 

Anyway, this street still maintain is originality even though pass through few generation.. Food taste still as delicious as it used to be.. Recently I do always passing by here while on my way back to home due to Jalan Imbi towards Jalan Hang Tuah closed.. 

There are wide selection for you to choose such as porky, seafood, salted egg, chicken and etc.. My pick mostly will be Century Egg Pork Porridge.. My sister mostly will go for Pork Meat Porridge.. A bowl of hot porridge with crispy fried vermicelli and chopped spring onion added little soy sauce and salt pepper.. Gosh !! Super delicious... Price range from RM5.00 onwards..

Wai SEk Kai
Wai Sek Kai
My sister enjoying her

Wai Sek Kai
My ugly face
My sister forever will capture my face very ugly due to she wont tell me how I look and just snap straight away... OR may be I'm not photogenic enough.. GOSH !!! Anyway, I really enjoyed the PORRIDGE

Wai Sek Kai

P/S - Photo taken using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

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