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Saturday, July 19, 2014

MyDulang @ Old Town Coffee Bandar Sri Permaisuri

Its MyDulang Special only out when Ramadhan !! Last year 2013, I tried and its awesome.. This time again again again !! But quite disappointed with this one.. May be different outlet.. if got chance I wish to try at other outlet because the MyDulang few little dishes quite nice..

Compare to last year, this year dishes is different then price is higher.. Current set is RM19.90 consist of Tomatoe Rice, Ayam Masak Merah, Sambal Sotong (Squid), Keropok Lekor, Sambal Kangkung, Long Beans, Papadum, choices of Bandung Cincau or Ice Lemon Tea, desserts with Kurma Pudding.

Old Town Coffee
MyDulang Ramadhan Special - Rendang Chicken
Frankly speaking, the rice is cold, rendang chicken too small and seems overcook.. Personally I like the Lekor as hot and crispy... The sambal kangkung quite nice as the sambal really spicy... The chillie blended very well...

Old Town Coffee
Desserts - Pudding
Notice something missing?? Oh !! Yeah !! Kurma, where is the kurma? I saw the menu there is one kurma on top?

Old Town White Coffee
Ice Lemon Tea and Ice White Coffee
Long time I didnt dine-in at Old Town, this time I notice the glass seems different.. Looks !! Its rectangle and bigger.. Is this upsize glass? Ice lemon Tea is super awesome ...

Old Town White Coffee
Dried Chillie for Pan Mee
Old Town White Coffee
Dry Pan Mee
The pan mee not like those pan mee we usually eat.. Its more like thick wantan mee.. May be Old Town research team never try pan mee before..

Old Town White Coffee
So BIG Dulang !!
Not really enhance version but seems a downgrade version !! LOL !!

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  1. Better buka puasa in such place rather than hotels. So many people and have to queue up for food.


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