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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Olympic Day Run 2011 - McDonald

Location : Dataran Merdeka
Date : 17th July 2011
Flag off time : 7.30am
Category - B (Women Open - 18 & above) - 7KM
Qualifying time : 80 minutes

This is the day... This is my first RUN... I'm so excited... Before the run I train myself a little so that if not time not qualified.. at least not that late.. hehe !! I cant jog or run.. Now 7KM ... OMG !! Why am I so torture myself???

I always want to participate in RUN.. But my stamina doesnt great so always think think think... But think doesnt bring you to success.. So ACTION !!!

First of all, why I pick this McDonald Olympic Day Run 2011? Just so coincident only.. Plus the entrance fee cheap lo.. RM10.00 only.. Oh !! I so cheapcake.. !!

Since the flag off time is 7.30 am and start register yourself there at 7.00 am and I got no idea where to park my car.. So why not fully utilise public transport? As LRT driver so considerate start train at 6.00am? :P ..

Miss the 1st train - waiting 2nd to come

1st time reach Dataran Merdeka at this hour

Mine.. I wanna take you home...

Mr Ronald leading the "Morning Exercise" session

Participant follow the exercise instruction..
yeah yeah.. warming up is important...

After warming up by Ronald, its time to get ready for flag off.. Everyone busy get in the "START" line.... the front the better.. at least not so left behind.. hahaha !!! Kiasu !!

Getting ready only... I manage to squeeze myself quite front...

Half way to the finishing line...
The cloud so beautiful...
Give me motivation to move forward to "FINISHING"

Cloud seems motivate me : Gambateh !! Add Oil !!
You can do it.. Just little....
Soulesscloudy answered : (with tired voice) yeah yeah YEAHHHHHHH !!

Red, Blue, Green, White.....
We so big... Police block the road for us and cause traffic jam...
Those car no way to go but just wait all participant passby...

the SUN come out to motivate me... Its just little to the "FINISHING"
few steps more.. GO GO GOOOOOOOO !!

Here am I at the finishing with my certificate !!
Able to finish within the time limit
my time ah?? erm erm... 79.59 minutes !!
I just guessing myself as I forgot to check the time when I arrived...
Just plus minus lo...

I salute myself !!
When will be my 2nd run???

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  1. so healthy ar . . not bad I think I will run more than 200mins lol


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