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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Further Study?

After I graduated from Uni as Degree holder, I never ever think want to further my studies. Of course, I do ever dream of it when people call me Dr. Chooi.. Opps, I'm not medi graduate.. Dont get me wrong..

I study Business Admin and wish to pursue PhD in the near future.. Its should be great if I can become Dr. Chooi... Anyway, all these still in dream..

That day, while had my dinner, my papa suddenly ask me "If there is a chance, will I go back to study?"

I answered, "No way"... Papa said "Why not? Its free."... "Where got such great thing? Free?"...

Papa explain there a government fund for people who wish to further study... huh !! "Papa, there should be T&C apply, Govt wont be this generous"

Actually, who dont want study if can, but financial is not allow.. I cant quit job to further study and I cant coope with study if I'm working.. So no way to further study at this moment...

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