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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flooding on 26/10/2011

Its in history... First time ever the kitchen flooding... I'm one of the witness... hahaha... great great great !!!

While my two aunts and sister cooking for dinner, my dad, mom, uncle and me sitting relaxingly at living room... The rain getting heavy heavy heavy... Oppss... water flooding outside the house... OMG !! I'm busy with how to handle outside... then my sister told me the water level increasing at the backside.. oh gosh !!!

Nothing we can do.. just sit back and relax lo.. praying hard to GOD that rain stop....

I think GOD hear us... few minutes later, the rain start slow down...

Can see the water level???


  1. ah! take care! better move to a high place to stay for a while!

  2. wow! flood is bad :( *prays* for the Bangkok people too


  3. omg time to move house!! ==D

  4. Flooding that serious? :O I hate rainy days sometimes ):

  5. lol KESIAN!!!
    Man...that must suck. Thank goodness it ended soon though xD
    My room flooded once, worst experience of my life xD


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