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Monday, October 24, 2011

Restaurant Jin Xuan Hong Kong Sdn Bhd

Sorry... This is super non-halal post..

Its a dim sum shop located at Puchong.. Its about ooposite the Puchong IOI Mall... Its very crowded and many people queuing waiting for the seat... How delicious?? You taste it you say it...

In Klang Valley quite hard to get a good dim sum that very par with Ipoh standard.. Yup !! I'm not an explorer that try all dim sum stall at Klang Valley... I just been to one or two... So this one I can recommend you if you wish to have a great dim sum session...

Worthy for queuing.. You judge yourself !!

R u willing to be one of them? Just for a meal??

Wow... its my number.. nice???
yat yat kau....
Everyday dog !!

Wow... my favourite Har Kau !!
Prawn Prawn Prawn !!
Got one Giant Har Kau !!

Har Mai or Siew Mai !!

My liking too !!

Wow.. I love this...
Yong Terung !!

Super delicious Loh Mai Kai !!
I'm craving for this while I'm blogging this...
Yummy Yummy !!

One bite you cant forget this.. !!!
I miss you so much !!
muakszzz !!

Chee Cheung Fun

Carh Siew Pao !!

This Siew Yok @ Roasted Pork !!
Crispy !!
One bite is definitely not enough !!
You can forget those hawker stall one...

Just for the Siew Yuk and Loh Mai Kai, I definitely will be back... queuing? not a problem at all...


  1. this is the one in uptown right?
    went once before.. wanted to go back again, but still havent haha.. dim sum kinda nice anyway :)

  2. I been here once. No doubt the food taste good here but it can be quite expensive too.


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