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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Korean Music Wave Malaysia 2011

Date : 24th September 2011
Venue : Merdeka Stadium
Time : 7.00pm to 10.10pm

Artist in da house
1. FT Island
2. Teen Top
3. 4 Minutes
4. U Kiss
5. Park Jung Min [SS501]
6. Seungri [Big Bang]
7. GD & Top [Big Bang]

Frankly speaking, I'm not really into K-Pop but my sister crazy about it so I accompany her to go.. Anyway, I like to watch concert because I like the live performance feel...

Overall the concert, I dont really know who are they, but I did enjoyed throughout the concert as their performance really awesome especially FT Island and GD&TOP... This is quite big K-Pop concert in Malaysia so far... Hope there will be more coming soon...

Korean Music Wave 2011 at Malaysia

Before concert start - quite crowded

BigBang - I not sure who... but seems most popular group among all...

FT Island - Talented

The MC for the night
Jeff (MyFM), Kevin & Dongho (U Kiss) and another one is Korean DJ (not sure the name)
Jeff, Kevin and Korean DJ can speak very well English
Dongho can speak very well Mandarin

Almost going to start the concert !!

Finally finally the most awaiting moment start..
who who who???

FT Island !!!
My sister favourite band...

FT Island - Lead Singer
Very talented...

Teen Top
Very young group...
The performance not really mature...
Gambateh !!

4 Minute
4 sexy ladies
Most anticipate group for guy audience

U Kiss
7 of them.. a lots lo..

Seungri - BigBang

The yellow colour is BigBang signature light

GD&TOP - From BigBang

The lowest price for the concert really not that cheap... RM130++... Nowadays youngster really rich lo...

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