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Monday, November 30, 2009

Bangkok Trip - 4D3N

Went to Bangkok on 12th - 15th November 2009 for a short trip and re-charging battery to move on life.. Its a nice and simple trip.. but yet quite challenging also... Why I said it quite challenging? Many of my first time, i gave it to this trip.. hehehe...

what is the first time?? 1st time goin to bangkok... 1st bagpacking trip only two traveller [me and my sister] whereby my sister really depend on me to give direction.. quite pressure.. 1st time stay at TUNE HOTEL LCCT... 1st time take ERL ride... 1st shopping trip without much sight seeing... 1st time spend most of my money on shopping... and etc..

Really very excited and nervous while waiting for this trip to come.. because i cannot depends on ppl to give me direction.. plus heard bangkok people dunno English.. this will make my life harder.. hahaha... so nervous + excited + nervous + chapalang..

really a nice city and feeling seems better than KL.. hehehe... enjoyed the ncie food especially.. definitely will be back there....


  1. hahahhaha all you can get and learn in your 1st time

  2. yaya... so very excited on the trip... Free and Easy ma.. need alots of work b4 that de.. if not will tersesat ma..


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