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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tune Hotel, LCCT

Date : 11th Nov 2009
Venue : KL Sentral, Salak Tinggi, LCCT, Tune Hotel

Book the Bangkok Flight ticket on zero airfare.. if not mistaken about January... consider quite cheap la.. RM120++ only.. hehehe.. at the same time booked also the tune hotel for RM21++.. cheap hor.. so why not overnite at there so that no need wake up so early and rushing to LCCT to check in??.. hehehe... good good good... then around Sept.. so lucky my sister able to register for a free ride for the ERL... wow.. that much more interesting lo... Its a promotion free ride as for testing.. People can take ERL from and to LCCT to and from Salak Tinggi then take bus from and to LCCT... hehehe...

(So ugly face - straight away after work - rushing to LCCT coz very late already)

Arrive at KL Sentral, faster go check in the ERL.. wow.. so excited.. first time lo... so nervous... So So surprise that many people take ERL de wor.. I tot expensive de?? many people get down at cyberjaya/putrajaya station.. so isolated are.. why so many people stay there de?? yerr... scare scare...

Ding Dong Ding Dong !! Finally arrive at Tune Hotel, LCCT... another suprise that.. many many people de wor.. I think full house lo.. good business.. really smart ah.. build one budget hotel.. hehehe... Outside look very nice even at the looby also quite grand plus the corrider also decor super beautiful... hahaha....

Even though the room quite small but but is nice and comfort enough me... probably is new... I book this room with only 12 hours air-con... hehehe... so its really budget lo...

(Comfortable bed)

(The timer - once insert the the room card the the timer automatic start... once the card remove the timer stop)

(Small toilet)

Tune Hotel got airport transfer to LCCT... RM1.00 per person.. anytime.. just arrange only... wonder why so near also need to take shuttle?? haha.. can say near can say far... its depends la... so if can.. may be try a stay la... hehehe...


  1. Never stay there but my parents stayed there a few times. Too small for my liking

  2. yeah... RM20+ consider a really good deal la.. hehehe... not always got such promo de...

  3. Thanks for your kind words. We strive to bring you good deals as much as we can. We're glad you liked the hotel and our service. We do have promotions often and you can keep up to date by signing up for our e-newsletter at our website www.tunehotels.com or follow us on twitter.com/tunehotels or join our Facebook Group. Members are informed of our promotions at least a day before it is made public.

    We have also opened up in Kuta, Bali and Legian Bali on 15 December 2009. Looking forward to welcoming you again.

    Thanks & regards,
    Biresh Vrajlal
    PR, Marketing & Communications Manager
    Tune Hotels.com


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