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Monday, December 7, 2009

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant @ Bangkok

Date : 12th Nov 2009
Venue : Nearby Asok Station [walk along the times sq and turn left]

Got to know this restaurant while surfing to research on the trip.. Its very interesting and yet couldn't found at M'sia... so why not drop a visit on it? hehehe... Got to know its quite pricey.. So my purpose is only to open my eye towards the decor and not for food tasting.. But but the food is delicious... I ordered tom yam kong and fried glass noodle [if not mistaken - very similar to our kuey tiew].. its nice nice nice... next time, definitely will try their others food...

In the restaurant, many decor is using CONDOM... and as a souvenir after the bill, you get a condom.. definitely not a sfety assure as its not branded de ah.. hehehe..

So happen when i do surfing, suddenly bump into one website stated top 10 weirdest restaurant in the world.. this restaurant is include inside... if m'sia able to create a kind of this type.. I think will be very cool..

Beside all those decor, inside also display many many type of condoms packaging from different different countries... also some useful information about safety protection and HIV aids... so its really an eye open.. the owner really creative... as least can attract some tourist attention like me... curiosity .....


  1. if set up in m'sia, the pas political party will protest like crazy hehe

  2. Very unique and create awareness at the same time

  3. wow.. lol.. condoms as deco?
    do they have demo on condoms? =P



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