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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Its tough !!

What a word? I'm as a trainer but yet title is not... I'm not a professional trainer... But yet now is trainer...
I'm doing system support + conduct training... The training is one week duration for the whole course. And its from 10am to 6pm. Its about 15 - 20 peoples in the class. Its really need high EQ and skills to handle such a crowd.. CROWD? 15-20 ppls is a crowd? no kidding.. if it is a simple training and only briefing, is really easy.. But my training is involve system and has to ensure the trainees are fully understand and score at least 80% in the test, nobody will said this easy...
Dont think one week is long or enough... When the trainees, not familiar with computer, even where is A B C or ENTER also dont know, everything need start from basic.. Then how to carry on the training without delay if one trainee is like that? Crowd tend to feel bored when the trainer talk more than teaching... Documentation + System have to balance.. but how?
When class start growing from 2 trainees to 10 trainees, more complain coming in.. Trainer tend to teach very fast.. Trainer explain thing beyond my question.. Trainer very strict and dont like trainees ask Qs.. When fail, TEST paper very hard.. The question very complicated so I dont understand.. Question very confusing..
But do the trainees review back their own attitude? Please respect the trainer.. When the trainer talk something please be attention..
As a trainer also human.. an emotional creature.. You got feeling, I do have.. So when use finger point to other, please look at yourself first...

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