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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MOS Burger @ Siam Paragon Bangkok

Date : 13th November 2009

This is japanese burger.. Heard it got branch at S'pore.. The menu really different from what I had before like Wendy/McD/KFC/Carl Jr.... And got PORK.. that's the one attract me... hehehe... One set about THB1650.. So quite ok la..

(Rice to replace the bread - thumb up)

(Pork Burger)

The Rice Burger really special.. like eating sushi.. hahaha.. the rice is japanese rice.. super Q.. Definitely not a weird combination... just a bite.. you will dream of it.. The meat is chicken + octupus... wow.. great..

There is no extra sauce like mayanoise [as usual] added to the pork burger.. the meat is so tender and juicy.. with some special added sauce.. make it a WOW...

its really different for what I had in m'sia.. when this MOS come to m'sia??? dream dream dream...


  1. it's so tasty! I should have had my supper before reading your blog post -_-


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