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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wat Arun @ Bangkok

Date : 13th November 2009

Visit this Wat Arun at Bangkok along with the river cruise... Wat in thai meaning temple.. there are many many like this temple around Bangkok.. I think this Wat Arun is not the famous one la... But quite OLD.. Its very small but yet the structure of it very nice.... enjoy...


  1. wowowow~~~i wan to go Thailand too

    haha, Merry Xmas^^

  2. Some nice shots... interesting place.
    Those beautiful floral sculptures, are they marble or porcelain?

  3. You don't look tired when reaching the top of the wat

  4. Hi Wanwan, love your callsign.
    The last time I was in Bangkok was in the '80's.
    Love the place and the food, not to mention the warm and friendly people.
    Here's wishing you the very best of Seasons greetings.
    Have a happy new year, Lee.

  5. Those are porcelain.. very creative way...

    By the way, Wat Arun not really that tall.. so manage to reach the top....

    bangkok... definitely a nice place.. hehehe


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