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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Food & Snack @ BANGKOK

Its so many snack snack snack and food around bangkok street... My stomach so so cannot fit all unlimited food... haihzz... Love it.. food food food... hungry... !!!

(Sweet PanCake - nice nice nice.. especially with cream - 10 THB)

(Outside like [tai kau min-big face] inside is hotdog - 10THB)

(Super jumbo hotdog (right) - 10THB)

(super mini size jelly - inside got filling - 1THB)

All the snack can be found nearby MBK shopping mall... nice nice nice... can get at m'sia?? no lo.. hehehe... plus.. cheap lo... why not give it a try, right? hehehe.. eat eat eat....

(variety balls noodle - dry)

(Chapalang noodle - dry)

(Fried Pork Noodle)

The above noodle and rice can be found at MBK and Platinum Mall's food court.. Both food court need to use coupons or their special card to purchase the food... seems quite trouble lo.. very old style la... hmm... Anyway, their PORK.. really delicious compare to M'sia one... its so tender and juicy.... very soft... nice nice... Price about 55THB to 70THB..

Last but not least, DUNKIN Donut... yayayaya.... Its so familiar the name... but only the name.. the quality of the donut compare to M'sia... WOW.. TIADA BANDINGAN... Thailand's one is so so so delicious and just a bite, you will like in heaven.... the size is bigger than here... can say 1 = 2... Roughly the price is 22THB to 26THB...

Since is x'mas is near, almost all the DONUT is pink colour... hehehe.... overhere really dont have any brand can compare with it... I so miss it... overhere really cant satisfy me already...


  1. Wah! You gain weight or not when back?

  2. not much la.. a lots I no show lo.. went there 4D3N... can eat a lots de ma.. hehe


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