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Monday, June 21, 2010


Its since long time ago I never had this kind of sick... The sick is continuous since last Thursday (17/06/2010) till now.. The virus is slowly slowly attack... Sore Throat, Fever, Dry Cough, finally Mr. Flu join the party... Pressure high due to doesn't sleep well for the past few days...

As age getting to increase, body tend to get weaker.. so recovering process getting slower.. Some supplement is needed to built the immune system so that fasten the recovering process...

What a day for me !! (Black Monday - 21/06/2010)

Meeting with few department head already arranged last week, cant postpone so need to get in office and settle it... Boss very considerate.. So i just do the opening and he settle the rest... At about 10.30am I can go back already.... Morning I walked from Hang Tuah Station to my office due to Monorail is having technical problem.. Its took me about half and hour journey... When the time i want to go back, the monorail still havent settle the technical problem but the train still running.. Just not sure when will arrive.. 30 minutes not sure... 40 minutes not sure..

Was thinking whether walk to hang tuah or wait the monorail.. out of sudden the sky is crying so badly.. SIGH !! really a day for me... no choice then just wait... the monorail staff told me the train is coming at Bukit Nanas station.. but why it took 45 min to arrive just one station distance?? Happily get into train but unfortunately need to get down at Bukit Bintang.. WTF !! waited for about one hour then only fetch me one station???

The rain is stopped.. decided to have lunch at times square with sister... Back home about 1.30pm then took medicine then sleep till 4.30pm.. the phone keep on ringing ringing.. .. SILENT pls.... now cooking porridge... hehe..

This is the sick life a kind of people not staying with family... outstation people like me...

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