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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delicious Afternoon Tea @ Mid Valley

The 3-Tier Afternoon Tea set... Tried once and really like it.. Thanks to the deal for bring this promotion again.. Affordable for me.. Heard this thing quite some time and many places selling at quite expensive.. Expensive in my own meaning as per my earning... Well Well Well.. nOriginal price is RM59.90++ and with the deal promotion, I manage to get it at RM35.00 nett.. including 2 choices of coffee or tea... isnt it great??? Totally awesome..

Delicious, a western concept of restaurant and has many outlets like One Utama, Mid Valley and Jalan Tun Razak. This is my first time dine-in at Delicious and give a chance to see see the menu/price for future reference...


 Well, better concentrate to this 3-Tier Afternoon Tea set... The portion can share among 2-3 persons or even more...

Bottom Tier
1. Sandwich (smoked salmon, tuna, cucumber and egg)
2. Duck Confit in Filo Pastry
I think the egg round sandwiches got put little caviar.. coz the taste a bit salty like sea water... 
lol.. my own imagination...

I really like the sandwiches because the bread and the ingredient..  especially the round shape.. coz very cute

Middle Tier
1. Scones with Blueberry jam and Cream
2. Chocolate Truffle
3. Rosemary and Cheese Cookies


 The chocolate Truffles really very chocolate... One bite, all chocolate will spread around the whole mouth.. wow !! Feeling so RICH !!
The Top Tier
1. Delicious Chocolate cake
2. Strawberry with chocolate dip


 We both didnt touch the cake at all coz too full.. So take away please.. 
But the cake really nice !! I put it into my fridge for overnight and the cold.. really great...

The afternoon tea set come with two beverages..

Early Breakfast Tea with Honey

   Tall Latte

This is my second dining at Delicious and also for their Afternoon Tea Set.. The first experience at Delicious Jalan Pinang.. The presentation wise for the tea set is better than this one at Mid Valley... May be should try other outlet like the one at Jalan Tun Razak or One U.. Should be better.

Love the tea set... A simple thing suitable to bite when have a chit chat with friends and family...

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