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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fu Lai Dim Sum @ Kuchai Lama

I like dim sum so much.... Ever since my mother not feeling well and not really convenient to go out.. We didnt have dim sum for so long... Especially Ipoh dim sum... Since I so craving... I surf net and wow... nearby me got few nice dim sum.. and got one open until quite late night... Great !!!

To try it for the first time and not sure the exact location.. I decide to try it during daytime.. and the location very strategic and easy to spot... Just right opposite the Paparich Kuchai Lama...

 Three types of sauce for you to choose - Cili, Mayonoise, Sweet 

 Loh Mai Kai
The glutinous rice so soft.. Perfect steaming

The egg tart not really good...
Wont get it next time...
Still Ipoh egg tart the best...

 Yong liew !!! The fish paste so nice... Love it..

 Look at the fish paste.. So thick !!

 Fried Carrot Cake !!
Too spicy !!
Not that good too..

 Har Kau !!
This is a must for dim sum..
Without this eating dim sum wont be perfect..

Total burn about RM40.00
Quite expensive for ipoh standard but here is KL !!!

Eating dim sum at late night really another type of experience !! Great moment !!!

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