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Monday, October 29, 2012

Oiso Korean @ The Sphere Bangsar

Today is my 33th years old... Happie BigDay to myself !! hahaha !! Well.. At this age.. birthday isnt a thing to shout at.. So just remain as quiet as it is... Out of sudden think of The Sphere.. SO just heading toward it.. Its not that far from my place...

Went to have one of my favourite meal which is Korean Food.. This restaurant dont have BBQ.. only serve kitchen cook food.. Well, beside BBQ, you name it they have it... The price quite reasonable and the staff very friendly.. Nice envinroment to dine in.. Not that crowded and confortable to have some great dining time...

5 types of refillable side dishes
My favourite will be the IKAN BILIS

Korean Rice Tea - RM4.90
Taste little bit like barley

Jigae - RM14.90
(Tofu, Egg, 1 little prawn)
The soup not that spicy and ngam ngam for my taste

Chicken Bimbimbap - RM16.90
(Fried egg, slices of mushroom, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, seaweed, taugeh)

Seaweed soup + sauce (For bimbimbap)

Steam Egg - Free
Its always got little burn taste... 
Order two sets and free either steam egg or pancake
Seems only available during dinner time

I notice in the menu stated the price differentiate between lunch and dinner.. Wonder what is the different between dinner and lunch time?

Oiso Korean Restaurant located at The Sphere Bangsar.. This restaurant owned by a Korean.. I definitely will pay a visit again.... Yummy food !!!

Its claim NO PORK SERVE !! The whole menu I cant find any pork meal... Its should be HALAL restaurant as I saw many Muslim people dine in there....

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