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Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Bad Wolf 2012 @ The Mines MIECC

Imagine you can shop your favorite book at 3am? Imagine you laying with the books around you? Imagine you can meet book fanatic at 3am? Imagine you surrounded by 3 million books? 

You dont have to imagine.. Just step you foot to the biggest English book fair ever - Big Bad Wolf 2012 at The Mines MIECC .. Yeah !! Biggest !! This is how the Big Bad Wolf 2012 describe this book fair.. Start from 9.00am 07/12/2012 until 9.00 pm 23/12/2012... But for the first kick start, the book fair will start straight 63 hours open for all book fanatic - 6.30am 07/12/2012 until 9.30pm 09/12/2012 (24 hours a day)..

Last year due to the location, I didnt got a chance to go.. This year I definitely dont want to miss it especially midnight shopping for a book.. what a good experience...

Its was a super duper jam journey starting after a while from Tol to MIECC. It was about 10.00pm.. I thought that time will be a good time.. But too bad, it was not.. After soon I realized because that is peak due to many shoppers still havent out from the center so with limited parking, all car jam along the road... Anyway, I manage to get myself in the Big Bad Wolf about 10.45pm.... 

Hunting begins !!!

Entrance to Big Bad Wolf 2012
  The entrance look so COMIC.. I thought I'm entering to Marvel world !! Ha ha ha !!

Floor Plan
 Its on the left side, just after you enter through the COMIC style entrance.. Just have a look of the floor plan.. It might save your time running here and there searching your favourite section...
Viewing from 2nd floor - Left Side

Center Side

Right Side

The above three views from left to right, I captured at about 2.30am.. Yup.. 2.30am means midnight to morning... The crowd still there but getting lesser and lesser... At the far end corner, the crowd is waiting to make payment... No worry !! 

There are more than 10 counters, or probably 20 counters to cater the crowd and its consider moving quite fast... At least two persons will station at the cashier. One person in charge arranging the books according to the price for easy key-in invoice and packing once done. While another person in charge of invoicing and collecting payment via cash or credit card. I'm not sure whether AMEX is applicable or not.
63 Hours straight for you to hang around at BBW 2012
 I'm one of them in the mission.. Are you the one also? My first time experience hunting a books during midnight... Its quite tired as I didnt really get enough sleep the day before.. And no place for you to sit except on the floor...

True Statement
 Yeah !! The books selling at BBW really very cheap.. I dont think people will just take and go...

Storage for unpaid books

Empty box get ready for storage

 The storage shelves dont seems that big but the whole storage place should be enough accomodate all the request.. The purpose of the storage place is to assist people keep their unpaid book.. You will be surprise how many books those people carry around.. that's why a place is really a need to keep it temporary.. So that you can continue hunting easily without carry heavy books around... 

I saw shoppers bring along trolley and luggage bag with wheel... At first I also feel WOW.. really need that? After my hunting, I think they really smart.. Should be gain experience from previous BBW... 

Below are some of my hunting results that I didn't buy... Its abit out of my budget for this round.. SoI snap picture of the books so I might can get it next round... mostly the title of the books caught my attention... Its all from Self Help category..

Your Call Is (Not that) Important to US
I'm in Customer Service line and I think my company's customer service really not good... Probably with this book I can understand myself as Customer better to increase my service satisfaction level..

Millionaire By Thirty
I'm over already... But this is the main AIM for majority nowadays
Too Many Bosses, Too Few Leaders

Yup... Nowadays you, you and you want to be boss.. But can you lead? Even in one company, you many HOD/Manager/Supervisor really able to lead their staff? HOD will instruct the staff to do work.. Does this mean lead? Think about this, I really wish to own this book... 

But some books just the title interesting, in fact the content really like nothing... LOL !!
365 Ways To Live Cheap !

Yeah !!! Definitely I want this book.. Even though by logically, we ourselves know how to save money and where to spend... But with this guideline, I think the mind will be more focus... I roughly scan through this book, quite worthy especially just RM8.00 for it.. Why not? OMG !! Am I big spender? LOL

Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

 The power of thinking without thinking... Hmmm.. What does it means? I think must read the book only can understand the statement... Its RM12.00... Without thinking, by looking at the price, I dont think i will buy.. hahaha !! So cheapscake !!!


This book is about the history of the author and Snoopy... Inside the layout and content very interesting and colourful... For those die hard fan, I think this book cannot be missed...

After hunting, you may find a place, anywhere at the corner and start filter the books you really want it.... I saw a lot books left on the floor... I believe there some time too crowd and pack, so people just take the books first without really flipping it... I think BBW should arrange a place to put those unwanted books rather than people putting it everywhere... Much more organise...

Filtering those book that really want

Unwanted books around the corner
 There are some books organize in very creative way... I think there are more books arrange at this way during the first day... Check it out !!


Millionaire By Thirty


The Bible

 Read one hunting tip that we might find GEM inside those unwanted books.. So while waiting my sister to sort our books, I search around those unwanted books but didnt found any I want... 

Among those unwanted books at my back

Plastic bag !! Please bring your own recycle bag to protect the EARTH !!

 My hunting result of 24 books cost me RM203.00.. Really worthy my time as with that amount of money, normal time I only manage to buy about 4 to 5 books... Very happy.... Yawn... I finished my hunting and arrived home around 4am... Very similar time to those people go to clubbing.. But I waste my sleeping time to more better activity than clubbing....

I'm not really a reading type of people as my parent didnt help me to grow this habit.. And another reason is English book very expensive.. So now I start from this 24 books.. Hopefully I manage to finish it by next BBW...

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