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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Purple Cane Restaurant @ Shaw Parade Pudu

Restaurant concept is TEA !! So most of the dishes are related to TEA... From Long Qing, Pu Er, Tin Guan Yin and etc... The dining experience really great as the service is good, food is delicious and environment relaxing... 

Yam Chip - RM3.00

Guava - RM3.00

At first I thought is free for the two above appetizers... But my sister told me shouldnt be free as this type of restaurant sure will charge the customer.. This is one way to increase the sales and profit.

The yam chip really yummy... can really taste the yam clearly.. But the guava too sweet for me.. Not my taste..

Pu Er Tea - RM2.00 per person
I like Pu Er because it can absorb my oil that wont turn to fat... Its good for digest too.. Its refillable and the waiter/waitress will assist you to top up the water and pour it into your cup..

Braised Chicken and Black Mushroom with tea stock and wine - RM20.00

Lychee Black Tea - for me the sauce too sweet for me.. But I like the mushroom.. Its really big and just a bite, so satisfy...

Homemade Braised Beancurd in tea sauce - RM18.00

Dong Ding Oolong Tea - The portion is enough for 4 peoples.. Really worthy... The tofu really smooth and the topping really a lots to eat with the rice... Children sure like this dish..

Stir Fried Bitter Guard, Cabbage and Salted Vegetable - RM15.00
 Slices of bitterguard really ngam ngam to bite.. If you dont like bitterguard, this dish you have to try... Very healthy and surprisingly not oily and salty at all.... Good dishes for vegan especially...

Peanut Paste - RM4.00
The peanut blended too fine so not my taste... Importantly not too sweet.. So worthy to try too... My advice, cook it little more thicker will be better....

Rose Egg Custard - RM4.00
 RM5.00 for a egg custard really quite expensive... But I'm egg lover so this one is fine for me... Green Tea powder and some rose on top... good mixture...

Total bill about RM83.15 - RM7.56 (10% service tax).. OMG !! I really dont like see tax tax tax on my bill.. But anyway, good service is has to paid...

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