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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Am I that lebih?"

This was posted at "UR" facebook... I know what it mean..

Since I'm "in relationship".. I really dunno how to balance between "U" and she.. why cant both of you have fun together? must be one of you giving me the face? I really tired in between... REALLY TIRED.... I'm trying my best to balance it..

She said I got no time for her?... "U" said why cant she be independant and let us have more privacy? how can I pleased both of you? Both also important for me !!!

Before this, she is some sort my another half.. whatever we do, wherever we go.. we together... she got very less frenz and can said almost zero.. and same to me 2... she accompany me .. i accompany she... Since i'm attached.. i less talk to her.. dunno why she give me SHIT face... I'm patiently talk to her.. patient take all her shit face...

Same goes to "U".. whenever we three together.. I really dunno why we three cant walk together? talk thing together? must be either "U" or she give me hard time.. you both really testing my patient.. I really trying my best to cope this situation.. I really dunno how already?

How? I'm in the middle... where should i stand?

Am I wrong being "in a relationship"? Am I wrong being a good sister? Am I wrong?

God damn !! what should I do?

Beside this, you always said i didn't share things to you... sometimes, those topic just brought out like that... without a second thought... communication is involve both parties.. not just because one person want to tell.. then the conversation can goes on...

I just want to enjoy my life without worry... I just want a simple life only.. simple till anything also can.. Why just cant? why? why couple must argue this and that? why be in relationship must think this and that? Am i that stupid asking this kind of question? why cant just happy happy and happy everyday?

One thing for sure is.. I really glad i met "U" [as happy as I started blog about "U"].. I really do hope we can work this relationship out and be forever... I told "U" before.. we are happy couple.. dont because of small small stupid things. make it worst...


p/s : previously I can blog it freely about my feeling.. when in relationship.. i cant blog it freely as i know "U" goin to read it.. I only blog most of the happy things or put it as private blog.. but this one I really wish to publish it... if anything i said wrong.. I'm sorry...

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