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Monday, April 26, 2010

Promotion !!

Congratulation !! I'm promoted... This is second time promotion in my life.. but 1st one in this company..

Not really a big title.. just from Executive to Senior Executive... As i'm a team leader of the system Training and Development team... I'm with this company for about 1 1/2.. and when I first join for this job.. I'm joined as zero knowledge towards everything... I'm not from IT background, zero knowledge on public speaking and dont even say about training...

I learn.. My "willing to learn" and "not calculative" attitude bring me until this far... Hopefully there will be a far far far more than this.. Suppose may be can go to AM this time.. but yet.. may be I'm not prepared well for it.. so gambateh...

Very happy and I'm proud of it.. Can be a team leader in not my expertise field... This promotion really give me a big motivation.. for me to continue to do the best...

I'm going to think of how to celebrate it.. its going be a very big treat for myself this year end.. hehehe...


  1. congratzzzzzzzzzz^^
    hv a great career path^^~~

  2. congratulation on your new promotion..


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