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Friday, January 2, 2015

1st Brunch @ That Latte Place

It was first day of year 2015. The first thing in mind after woke up, is the donation for East Coast Flood Victim.. I need to go to hypermarket to buy things and the nearest should be Giant Taman Connaught.. Suppose to eat McDonald but when arrived, oppss.. there is IKON Connaught.. YES !! Got better choice to food.. So my sister and I opt for great food to give it a start, so we choose That Latte Place

Ikon Connaught
Breakfast for TWO on 2015
This name caught my attention a year back when they origin place is at Persiaran Ritchie, Ampang.. Didnt have change to dropby there until I heard it close and move to Subang.. yeah !! Now it open an outlet nearby my staying.. Great !!

Apple Caramel Coffee
Apple Caramel Coffee - RM10.00
I think they put apple cider/vinegar into the coffee instead of apple juice because it taste little sour.. The combination makes the caramel taste doesnt that strong.. If you expect too sweet due to caramel, but no worry, the apple does it balancing... For those like to try new thing, worth to give it a shot..

Latte - RM9.00

That Latte Place
Breakfast with Bacon - RM20.00
Breakfast with Bacon is most popular in the menu as its consist varieties like two sunny side up eggs, a slice of toast, bacon, sautee mushroom, potatoes, sausage.. The bacon taste quite salty.. So have to eat with others... I like the potatoes and the sautee mushroom...
House Egg Ben - RM18.00
 This should be 2nd popular in the menu.. I really like poached egg but this is not done in free-hand style.. It cook using mould that is why the overall texture still very nice.. The benefit of using mould is the prevent wastage of white egg.. And also need a lots of skill to make a good and perfect poached egg,,,

A toast, bacon, sautee mushroom, poached egg with hollandaise sauce..

Big Breakfast
Happy New Year to my sister

Egg Benedit
My favorite Egg Ben in 2015
Happy New Year 2015 !!!

Photo taken by HTC ONE X

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