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Monday, January 12, 2015

Past 2014 and Present Future 2015 !!

Looking back my 2014, it really a big leap in my life as I bought my 1st property. In this hectic world with fixed income (only 1 job), I believe quite impossible to have better living. So dont think about owning a property. 

Toward the end of 2013, I lost one family member and it a sad ending for 2013. And the sadness continue to 2014 whereby whole family needs to get use and stand up to continue living happily. Its not an easy task for me as I need to set a very good example for everyone so that the sorrow will goes away faster. 

GOD treat us very well and help us go through it with a great surprise. Around March 2014, while window shopping, we bump into a property promotion and its hit into our heart. After did all the survey, we decided to buy it. Our cash really limited and after calculate here and there, finally we manage to paid the DEPOSIT !! Phew !! Since March 2014 till now, from survey, paid deposit, withdraw from KWSP, received letter to take key, submit defect, renovation and now last step shopping for furniture to move in.. Really a new thing to us.. A great learning process !! 

I remembered when I went do survey about renovation, those contractors very well-explained about all the works but with those construction term which I first heard, give me headache.. This is where acting part takes place. I have to pretend know (at least little bit) so that the contractor will not quote me high price. 

Term like power coat, under-mount, T5, tiles is 2 x 2 or 2 x 1? and how many feet/inch.. Heard those term in Cantonese making me harder to search the term in Internet whereby I dont know type Mandarin.. So Googling making it harder to get English term.. Well !! I survive through it.. 

Moving to a new area soon (Target is 1st Feb 2015) is another challenge for me as I need to explore where to eat, convenient shop, supermarket, clinic, electric shop and etc.

I'm moving to another stage of life !! Great year ahead !! Cheers !!


  1. a big undertaking getting a property. Yea... the renovation really gives one headache. Gotta keep tab on what they are doing too coz some will curi ayam.

    1. oh ya...be sure not to pay all the money to contractor. Keep by 5% retention sum . After they finish working and you moved in see if got any defect for the reno...ask contractor to rectify. if pay all, some will not layan you when u complain


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