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Thursday, May 29, 2008

My FOOD at Cambodia

I been to Siem Reap and Phnom Nenh. I didn't order too local food as i went to normal restaurant only. The best i had is the steam fish with "Tong Fun".. They didn't put too much sauce to the fish so its very fresh and can taste the original fish flavor.. and the Morning Glory (Kangkung) and Tong Fun is the best combination.. hehe.. Sorry i didn't snap this photos..

Ladies and gentlement - here they are :-

1) My breakfast at Pub Street. A set cost USD3.00

2) Lunch inside ANGKOR WAT's (cheaplak hawker stall)

The Pineapplce Rice is damn geli.. seems like they throw the whole pineapple into the fried rice.. yuck.. haha.. cost USD2.00

3) 3rd Lunch at Siem Reap (French style restaurant) - USD3.00 to USD5.00

a) Guay Tiew - very QQ
b) Sweet n Sour Fish
c) Vege curry in COCONUT
d) Satay Chicken with Garlic Rice

4) 3rd Dinner at Siem Reap - Beijing Flavour restaurant operate by cambodian. the food is yummy.. cost about USD2.50 to 3.50 each

a) Fried Dumpling - Crispy at the bottom - Yummy
b) Beijing Flavour mee (zha cheuong mee)
c) sweet and sour mee (got vinegar)
d) Fried noodle - Yummy Yummy (my fav)
e) Hot and Spicy Dumpling - reall spicy lo..
f) Tong Hoon - for 4 ppl

5) Final Drinking Session at Siem Reap - Pub Street

a) USD 0.75 for the beer - buy one free one
b) Matini - USD3.50
c) Pineapple rum - USD3.50
d) Vietnam Spring Roll - unfortunately i never taste it as i got drunk jor..

6) First Lunch at Phnom Nenh - USD3.00 - USD3.50 each

7) Street's culture

a) this type of moving hawker by motor - alot at siem reap town..
b) dried mariginated sausage and meat (similar to those chinese) at siem reap old market

8) Based the magazine i flip through while i at Siem Reap, seems this cafe have a nice environment but i dont have chance to bump in to have a look.. just drop at the bakery section.

9) Local candy / sweet.. taste like melaka yellow sugar and coconut.. he he..

This is some of the post i did capture during my trip. Coz most of the time i very hungry oledi until forget snap the food photo.. haha.. try to keep in my mind next time..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cambodia Trip

My Cambodia trip from 21st - 25th May 2008.

I went to Siem Reap on 21st - 24th and Phnom Nenh on 24th - 25th. Such a good experience during this trip. and i feel i very bless where i at Malaysia.

This is the first trip for this year 2008. I booked the air flight on Oct 2007 and plan my trips as this is a free and easy trip. I need to book hotel and plan the itineary myself. this is the first time i went to a stranger country whereby i'm not sure the places around, language, food and etc.. plus need to walk around myself..

me and my travel partner do some studies on the places also.. but all also quite depends on me.. coz i quite nervous on the places where i'm not familiar.. so i get more information on it..

So i do some studies at online to get to know all the places around, get the map and everything to plan my itineary.. so quite excited to been at the place..

its nice to visit such places like cambodia.. especially i amaze by angkor wat..

angkor wat is marvellous.. food is nice.. ppl is friendly.. just a bit expensive coz using USD..
even local ppl using USD.. so for 3rd world country like cambodia, i pity local ppl only.. so poor liao.. still using USD.. then things not cheap also especially the food.. more expensive than M'sia..
so i very bless that i at m'sia.. and feel m'sia things is okie jor..

but anyway, comparison is pointless espcially toward two different kind of countries..

anyway.. feell happi after the trip.. open my eye for another world.. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Fixing the "PAIP"

Since i moved in to the current house where i rent out the whole unit and be a temporary second sub owner.. i need to take care of the maintenance for the house also.. the small small things.. i can fix.. i will fix lo.. to save my cost ma..

recently i fix one "PAIP hose" for the first time.. ok la.. quite easy job..

i take the spoil one fo the "NG KAM TIM (shop)" buy the things and later found out at DIY shop is much cheaper.. of course the NG KAM TIM one is better quality.. but not my hse ma.. so good quality for what wor.. he he.. then buy spanar lo.. and the white tape for PAIP one.. i dunno what that call la..

luckily i r'ber to close the main switch.. if not all water flow out.. haha.. so r'ber when fixing paip r'ber to close the main one...

(The tools i used and the spoilt paip hose)

(tadah.. new paip hose and water running smoothly)

Friday, May 9, 2008


Recently found out one website quite interesting. Is something like chatroom whereby u can create your own room as well. You (inside the chatroom) can move around here and there and the dialog box will appear at the screen. so nice the graphic. I'm quite addicted to it.

1) can know more ppl from different places.

2) lepak..ing while i a bit bored at work

3) enjoy the graphic

4) etc.. (let u to find out)

I notice mostly ppl are from S'pore & M'sia. Thailand and Korea also got.. but a bit only.. Importantly.. mostly the chatter there is range from 11 years old to unlimited.. as old as me.. its ok.. i enjoy it quite much for a 2nd day there.. get to know some little frenz.. he he..

let me introduce the nice chatroom..

habbo.com , habbo.com.sg , habbo.com.my

nice? pretty? its ok.. i change it my outlook.. he he
have a nice chat there.. super !!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


MAS had introduce a ZERO airfares since 05/05/08 (Mon) first time ever in MAS history. Wow !! sure a lots of ppl get benefit to its as encourage more ppl to travel especially domestic (tis is what they said). later then Airasia very fast responded to this MAS "Everyday Low Fares" promotion. They come out an advert at their website as per below :-

The airasia advert is so obvious is a comparation btw this and that lo.. let the smart consumer to decide which is which and what is what.. ok..
At the end of the day, we as a consumer get either benefit or suffer on the price war.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1st Blog - New Start !!

Nowadays, ppl has their own blog.. what is blog? blog is an online diary whereby ppl express their feeling.. i do read ppl blog and found very interesting.. so i decide to have my own..

this is the first blog and hopefully will be more coming.. :)
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