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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nelson Tan Cafe

Nelson Tan.. if you know mandarin then you know the meaning... hehehe...
This little cafe restaurant located at nearly carrefour kepong.. this is my re-visit... 1st time, mandy recoomend me this cafe but unable to snap any picture of it.... the food quite good and i like this mixed fruit juice... really nice... then environment also OK... worthy to give it a try de... coz the menu quite varieties...

(Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon)

(Unagi Rice)

(Pork Chop Rice - RM8.90 - cheese & sweet sour sauce - thumb ups)

I will go again to try out their other menu.. actually many other types of japanese food available.. example japanese pizza... hehehe... the price quite reasonable la.... :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

09.09.09 - Nambawan Cafe

While everyone mark this 09.09.09 as their special date... I also want to mark this date to my special day but unfortunately my DAY havent arrive yet.. So I'm had my dinner at this special day with my special LOVE.. tada... my sister....

First time we explored to a new place which we never been to.. Only a roughly idea where is the place... so excited and nervous.. hahaha... being driving at night but seems like dunno where are we heading to...

Being heard of this cafe / restaurant so long but dont have chance to pay a visit yet... so why not at this special day?? Heard its offer quality food but yet lower price.... so be waiting for the dinner...

when arrive.. surprisingly, the area is at housing area.. surrounding is all the apartment, condos and terrace.. and that area not really a high end area.. but there is one western cruisine... really surprise me...

(Watermelon & Lemonade - really thumb ups for the Lemonade - RM3.90)



(Pork Burger - RM6.90)

Overall the food is so so for me.. the taste doesn't up to my expectation... but but.. with this kind of price can offer this kind of food... consider OK.. may be will pay another visit to it..

P/S : heard this cafe is famous for PORK Delight.. may be try their PORK menu instead...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cameron Trip - 08.08.09

Today 09.09.09.. mark a very special day especially for those R.O.M or get marry.. In chinese calendar, today is fall on July month [Ghost month].. mostly no ppl will get marry at this month... But today is special and in chinese custom 9 = longevity.. some more 09.09.09 got three 9.. so is forever longevity... Everywhere is full booking for R.O.M...

So for me, I feel i also wanna mark this date in my LIFE as its happen once.. but i couldn't think of anything except blogging here... to date stamp 09.09.09 at my blog... Tonite i'm goin to have a nice dinner with my little sister.. but yet to decide where...

But one month ago which is 08.08.09, pretty good date also... I'm at cameron.. long time never go cameron.. my hometown very near to cameron.. so I never overnite at cameron... This trip is 1st department trip and my first time overnite at cameron... really feel excited.. Not about the places around but with all the colleagues...

Normally, all peoples scare or nervous when talk to our senior manager... normally when talk also about WORK related.. very rare rare rare goin lunch together... Our dept, girls and guys dont mix together goin lunch... This trip can so called enhance our relationship... all get to know each other more... NOW, we can make fun around even with our SM.. but we still know work is work, then play is play... a really good trip...

At 09.09.09 9.09am, what are you doing? have you greet people around? have you wish and hug them? have you say how much care and love to them? if you havent, do it at 9.09pm because you not alone...

But anyway, if you think is special, every single moment or day will be special...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mamak Stall's Breakfast

Most of us very miss... half boiled egg, kopi and bread.... And nowadays there are many cafe offer these set breakfast.... But personally thinking, its quite expensive... about RM6.00 or more...

Nearby my house there is one Mamak Stall offer this set breakfast at RM2.50.. very cheap cheap cheap.. plus the egg is Telur Kampung lo.. hehehe... a very satisfying morning.... The breakfast set include Teh Tarik [any beverages at your choice], Half Boiled Egg and Roti Bakar... cheap ler... more than enough....

Beside that... one of the Malaysian favourite breakfast also offer at Mamak Stall... roti canai.. but my personal favourite is Roti Telur Bawang.. hehehe..

The best reasonable food.... morning, lunch, teat time, dinner and supper also available.. 24 hours.. hahaha... nice nice nice...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Legend Hotel Hi-Tea Buffet (Renamed)

Date : 5th Sept 2009
Venue : Legend Hotel, 9th Floor
Price : RM29.00 per pax

Bought this 50% voucher at last Matta Fair (March '09).... can satisfy my hunger at least... For this kind of price.. I think consider OK... the food overall is satisfying.... especially the porridge.. I love it...

(Fresh salad - yummy)

(Delicious sandwiches)

(mini yam puff - chinese section)


(Chee Cheung Fun with Yong Tauhu - outside eat very expensive de lo - here can enjoy freely)

(Fish porridge - very nice)

(Roti Jala - thumb up)

(Asam Laksa - too sour)

(ABC - own creation)

(mini tart and cake - small enough for satisfaction)

(varieties of pudding)

(Chocolate fountain? fondue?)

(mix N match)

(Ice Cream - delicious)

(Pancake - varieties of topping for selection)

(Truly Malaysia - Rojak)

The are still a lots of food available.. Just my stomach is not enough to fill in everything... Anyway.. quite satisfy la... I think is PUASA Month so less crowded... so can enjoy the food nicely... :)
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