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Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone Girl

iPhone? what is iPhone? how does it look like? I'm pretty much a lots out there asking all these Q.. but for those blogger.. i think u got the A already.... do check it out at Apple official website

I heard there is a craze season sales for this iPhone at s'pore... People start to queue up at midnight just to wait for the shop to open... OMG ! what so "GENG" about this phone?? the features? How about M'sia? how the sales?

The iPhone so "HOT" until the news all over the WEB discussing how great this iPhone is? how "GENG" this iPhone is? and so on and on....

Breaking news - quoted from "YAHOO NEWS"... a British customer posted a discussion at MacRumors.com stated that inside his phone has a few pictures of a factory working girl poses with iPhone..

hahaha.. how can the Seller so so careless to delete all the memories inside the phone before pack and distribute it out? and now this little cute girl make a headline across the World.. haha.. so easy to famous... hmmm....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PASTA de GOHAN - Sunway Pyramid

Went to one Japanese pasta restaurant at Sunway Pyramid (above title is the cafe name lo).. As heard there are many many many choices of Pasta and Pizza... so i paid a visit to this restaurant last weekend (23rd Aug 2008 - 23.08.2008)

Wow wow.. the menu really colorful.. dont understand english also nevermind.. every single food and drink there is a photo.. so choose whichever u like lo.. hehe.... good good good.. increase people appertizer before eat..

Many choices leh.. until cannot decide what to order.. kekeke... finally make the order and waiting for food to serve... there varieties choices for pizza.. so unlimited cheese and chili powder for u.. these two powder definitely cannot be miss out for pizza.. hehe

ya ya ya... yeah.. the Japanese Green Tea serve first... as my sister said these are the best green tea as the tea very light color.. and also serve with mini salad (free of charge).... since it is Japanese restaurant, so the salad dress with soy sauce lo.. a bit salty la..

Finally the main dish arrive.. the PASTA.. overall not really so fancy about the taste.. may b'm choosing the wrong choice.. but consider delicious... just nothing to shout about only...

(very fresh prawn + egg yolk + creamy sauce = RM28.00)

(pasta in kimchi soup - RM25.00)

Finally finally, what's up... the desert la.. hehe.. sweetie sweetie.. nothing is complete without a nice sweetie... the Tiramisu Vannila ice-cream (RM10.90)

(banana + cornflake + strawberry + vanilla ice-cream + tiramisu)

(tiramisu from the ice-cream)

so so.. very fullll and satisfy with the food + drink + dessert... hehe.. enjoying the cafe decor.. blurp blurp.. excuse me.. hehe....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sunway Pyramid - 23rd Aug 2008

Since my car will send back to my father at Gopeng.. so this is I decide need to occupied my Sat and Sun of activities whereby no car cannot reach places... I choose Sunway Pyramid for the Saturday outing since wanna try the Japanese Spagethi as recommend by one netfrenz..

Sunway Pyramid always different from other shopping mall as by it outlook coz pyramid stylo and now the parking system also different from others...

What so different the parking system from other malls? The parking lot actually has censor and indicator for people from afar to know whether the parking lot is empty or occupied.. If there lot is empty, the light indicator is green and if occupied the light indicator is red.. The censor is smart enough to know whether the lot is occupied by car or not.. why? because i tried it myself as i stand below the censor then the light indicator didn't turn red.. haha...

Almost all the pillar inside the car park, will have the sign remind you to snap a photo of the pillar number and the level.. just in case you forgot where ur little car park.. hehe... good right?

When i enter the pyramid mall at the new wing ground floor, at the Hall, i saw a huge ship and many many ice cubes on the floor... haha.. can see at the FAKE ice cube de... hehe

Actually, there is one ice-cream seller doing promotion on their product.. so the huge giant ship is for competition... 8 contestants in one round... eat as much as possible the ice-cream cup then qualify for the next round... hehe...

That guy not host la.. he one of the contestant on that round.. unfortunately not qualify to go next round.. to compete for RM10,000.00 cash..

so walk walk shop shop for few hours.. what next? of course Food for dinner lo.. hehe.. ta da.. the Japanese Spagethi... nice environment and variety of choices la... until blur blur liao....

Two pretty leng luis on the set.. hehehe..

After the dinner, my sister seems not satisfy and looking for waffle.. we look look and see see.. where got waffle ler? ohh.. finally saw one ah.. DAILY FRESH... we bought a chocolate waffle.. yummy....

wow.. after satisfying at Sunway Pyramid... so time to go home lo.. hehehe.. home home home to watch tv.. tired liao....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Avril Lavigne ON STAGE @ Malaysia

Yuppie.. Finally after all the "HU HA" and after M'sia making all the headlines across the World.. Avril Lavigne's Malaysia concert is still "ON".. The organizer already got the permit for the cocnert to go ahead.. phew!! lucky lucky lucky..

Actually.. I also dunno what the purpose behind for the GOVT came out the statement to BAN the concert and then at the end approve it..

1st all the ppl blaming on PAS and Govt wish to ban the concert due to the pressure given PAS.. But of course GOVT denied it..

2nd the reason was concide with Merdeka Month and just two days to Merdeka Day.. come on.. the promotion for this AL concert already started one month ago.. dont tell me u Mr. GOVT dont read newspaper.. why? why? why? why dont ban it earlier but when PAS oppose it only Mr. GOVT take action??

3rd after so confirm to cancellation, then why why why still approved it? After the headlines flying all around the WORLD and ppl laughing at M'sia being so so so"XXXXXxxxxxXXxx" ... U want to please the ppl that lauhing at us that AL not too sexy? or or.. any reason behind not sure..

Finally i want to say thousand TENKIU to Mr. GOVT.. there are two reasons behind of it..

1st - TEN Q for bringing back Avril Lavgine to rock the stage on 29th August at Merdeka Stadium..

2nd - For promoting M'sia to the WORLD.. we are really truly M'sia... Now who don't know Malaysia??

Friday, August 22, 2008

Avril Lavigne - Malaysia Concert Updates..

I never think of that AL will respond to this matter.. well.. a short interview by MTV about this matter and she responded the concert still "ON" whereby she got the approval from M'sia Govt and 10K ticket have been sold..

Seems like no turning back for this.. anyway, the organizer (Galaxy) havent feedback anything yet.. when i called up the office, the girl was telling me that the concert is "ON".. But i think still need to wait lo for the updates.. now still 50/50..

Govt already said cancel the concert, AL said still "ON", advertisement still everywhere everyday.. just wait and see lo.... hopefully a good news on it....

MTV - http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1593264/20080821/lavigne_avril.jhtml

ACESHOWBIZ - http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00017808.html

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avril Lavigne - Malaysia Concert Cancelled

I'm so so so disappointed with the news that govt. want this concert to be cancel... what the problem with AL's image? what about "US" non-muslim (so-called minority) in this country, freely to enjoy everything?? WE (so-called minority) lost our right for everything... I'm so disappointed with all the reasons given (just the excuses) to called-off the concert...

1st - PAS suggest this "PUNK" culture not suitable toM'sia Youth especially for a Islamic country..

2nd - Concert date is on Merdeka month, Merdeka DAY just two days after the concert and its at MERDEKA STADIUM..

3rd - Govt put a blame on organizer (GALAXY) whereby havent got the approval then sell the ticket and promote the concert...

4th - AL's image is "too sexy"...

5th - On 29th there is one tahlil program goin on..

All the excuses being stated above.. really like an excuse cover another excuse whereby all is really ridiculous... The concert being promote by the organizer one month ago and only when PAS want to call for banning the concert only then the GOVT voice out all the excuses.. also only less 10 days for the concert, all the "hu ha" coming out...

Beside, all the foreign media reported the news far away earlier than LOCAL media.. why why why? without Internet, i think i'm still "katak dibawah tempurung"... Please dont cover up all the news.. we deserve to know... now M'sia are well-known for this matter...

The Sun - New York

USA Today


Yahoo news


Malaysia - TheStar


When the organizer start to announce the AL's M'sia concert.. its was the only SEA stop for this tour.. and my frenz at s'pore confirm also AL will skip s'pore.. so out of sudden, AL will performing at S'pore on 7th Sept.. I think AL mgmt cant take the risk and faster change plan and add S'pore in the tour list rather than nothing at SEA..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Lee Chong Wei - Final Olympic Battle in Beijing

LEE CHONG WEI (M'sia) vs Lin Dan for men's single for final @ Olympic Beijing 2008.. This match is the greatest ever whereby World No. 1 - Lin Dan vs World No. 2 - Lee Chong Wei. Beside this, Chong Wei is M'sia the only hope to win the 1st ever Olympic Gold Medal..

I'm sure both either Chong Wei or Lin Dan face greatest ever tension in their mind as for Chong Wei - he is M'sia hope and for Lin Dan - how can he lose at homecountry right?

I personally 1st time watch Lin Dan play and really shock over his skill compare to Lee Chong Wei... He really very aggressive and keep on attack until Lee Chong Wei no chance to return back.. I beat Lee also a bit blur after some time the game start... really stunned by Lin Dan's performance.. the aggressiveness that he show for the winning...

Lin Dan keep on smashing smashing and Lee Chong Wei really keep it up and pick up the smashing very nice.. but Lin Dan leading the score too far too far to catch up... the aggressive match ended 21-12 and 21-8 for Lin Dan to win it easily..

Even though i little bit disappointed by Lee Chong Wei's performance that night.. but after listen to all comment by supporter, i start to understand the tension that Lee is facing... yeah.. its not easy to face all the Lin Dan's supporters at Stadium.. People shouting for Lin Dan and woo woo haa haa for Lin Dan.. Plus Lee bearing for M'sia hope on Olympic Gold Medal... definitely Lee Chong Wei is over tension for all the fuss.. no worry.. u bring back Silver is good ok..

I think Lee Chong Wei still blur and upset for the lose.. coz not much facial expression while received the medal... GAMBATEH.. come back as hero and Olympic definitely waiting for u... As m'sian, really PROUD of u... good luck...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

PTPTN - Service Charge reduction to 1%

I'm a PTPTN borrower and also a repayer.. So this is a super good news for me... but anyway.. i'm not a good repayer as my income doesn't realy equal to my expenses.. so if i got extra $$ i will pay more if not i will pay less or even zero...

Actually its not easy for me to pay back as i'm earning less than RM3K and need to give my parent a bit pocket money.. and minus all my basic neccesity expenses.. really nth much left... so i do hope PTPTN with reduction of service rate to 1%, my PTPTN balance a/c carry forward will got improvement also...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rakuzen - Chulan Sq (Closed)

Date : 10.08.08
Time : 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Location : Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Chulan Square
Price : RM55.00++
Food : Japanese Food - Eat-All-U-Can (only available on Sunday)
Attendee : Carmen, Jane, Candy, Joanne (Me)

The gang decide to meet up after almost 3 months busy with everyone own life.. as usual, we go for Buffet and our favourite is Japanese Food... I been searching through internet for some nice Japanese food or reasonable Buffet.. that found out Rakuzen got the top ranking... OK.. then why not give it a try right? hehe...
The restaurant is at upstair.. the deco is quite classy.... i was arrive quite early as many of the bookie have arrive.. so snap some picture of the environment...

The table was ready to be serve... such as chopstick, plate, sauce and importantly WASABI...

We browse through the menu what to order as this is Eat-All-U-Can and Rakuzen serve it in a different classy way... Just get the waitress/waiter and order from everything from the menu and the waiter/waitress will serve the food right at your table... You just sit back and relax after placing the order.... Frankly speaking, not so much choices on the menu compare to those Buffet type like SASAKI or SHOGUN... But this is another kind of experience for buffet type of environment..
Here are what we had order and very satisfy with the food quality.. its awesome especially the SASHIMI.. definitely a thumbs ups ups upsss for it... good good good....

The food is awesome, they use different kind of plate to serve the eater... our table full of plates and we manage to finish all the food.. see all the plates is empty.. hehe....
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