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Thursday, January 28, 2016

TGi Fridays Pavillion

Once a year, colleague meet-up. Last year we choose Tony Roma for lunch and this year we go for TGi Friday. There are two sets meal available if you dont wish to order ala carte. RM29.90 and RM39.90 with one appetizer and one main dish. Both of us choose RM29.90 with top-up 1 bottomless soft drink. 

I keep asking myself whether Halal or not? Coz I saw an alcoholic bar. My friend said should be Halal because we saw some middle east people dine-in. OK la. Safe !!

The portion very big and for girl like us really cannot finish it. Even though call appetizer but portion like main dish. Long time no go TGi and the menu totally different. I remember last last time, I dine-in near CNY and there is one Oriental Salad (mandarin oranges) taste so good.

[From TGi Fridays' menu] Black Pepper Chicken. Bonessless chicken leg lightly seasoned and grilled. Served with black pepper sauce, crispy fries and seasonal vegetables.

Main Dish - The boneless drumstick chicken shop grilled to the perfection. Its juicy and tender. Not overcook at all. Pairing with brocoli is my favourite.

Black Pepper Chicken
[From TGi Fridays' menu] Boneless Buffalo Bites - Succulent crispy pieces of chicken breast with our traditional spicy buffalo sauce.

Its a bite size similar to nugget. its so yummy and little spice. Sharing purpose. Dont try eat it yourself as really cant finish it with one main dish. I like the celery dip into the mayonnaise sauce. Its not just only mayo, its should be mixture of varieties ingredient. GOOD !!

Boneless Buffalo Bites
[From TGi Fridays' menu] Mushroom Soup - A rich, creamy soup loaded with mushrooms.

I didnt taste it as my friend's soup.

Mushroom Soup

Finally, birthday treat from TGi Friday - few scoop of ice-cream. Last time I remembered, free brownies with ice-cream and all staff will sing song. But this round so downgrade. 

Birthday Treat Ice-cream

Happy Birthday Friend !!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hungry Bunch Sunway Pyramid

Looking for affordable western meal at Sunway Pyramid? Then head to Hungry Bunch located at the top floor of Sunway Pyramid at new wing. Actually to precise, just next to Pasta Zanmai.

Its really affordable and food is satisfactory. Nice environment and friendly waiter/waitress. Oh yeah !! If near your birthday, you could get a free drink

Grilled Chicken - RM15.00

Very big piece of grilled chicken with chef special sauce. Its drumstick and very tender juicy. Pair with vegetables and mash potatoe. Good..

Mushroom Soup - RM8.00

Trust me, this is very big bowl of mushroom soup and you really cant finish it alone. Remember, sharing is caring. 

Mushroom Cabonara - RM13.00

If you love cheesy and white sauce, this definitely a must order. Very thick cabonara sauce but its not too strong. If add chicken top up RM5.00

Triple Cheesy Omelette - RM9.00

Big Breakfast - RM18.00
Overall, 5 adults and 1 kid, we order the above food and two drinks. Bills about RM65.00. OK ma... I full until dinner...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pin Pin Heong Restaurant (品品香餐室)

Opposite Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant

This small chinese restaurant located at 786 Lorong Hang Jebat Melaka. It is in between Jalan Tukang Emas and Lorong Hang Jebat... Its quite a worth to visit if you want to try local mee suah (a kind of noodle). 
Provided you willing to wait about 1 hour and not too hungry...

The restaurant is without air-con and quite stuffy inside with the open kitchen (3 cooks). The 3 chefs by looking at them, seems like father, mother and son. While 2 maids (either Indonesian / Filipino) in charge of taking order, prepare drinks, serve ready F&B, clean-up table and pay bill. 

Full House !! Packed with customer


The food menu very simple, remember ask for menu if you unsure what to eat. The kakak might didnt give you the menu. The menu only 1 page and only few selected. But manage to win all eater's heart.

Chinese food
Simple menu
Chinese version omelette definitely win my heart. This definitely best even though less ingredient. Fried the egg till crispy outside but fluffy inside. Importantly not oily and salty. Smell of egg aroma, wow.... Only simple ingredient of scallion, mini prawn and egg.. Definitely a worth to wait for Fu Yong Egg lover. RM6.00 for a plate of this, thumb ups. 

Prawn Omelette (S) RM6.00
I saw almost every table order this soup thingy. So why not give it a try? Since Mee Suah is selling everywhere around Jonker Street. If you like strong flavour, this is not suitable for you. Its almost tasteless and I need to add little soy sauce into it. But when you keep eating, the flavour of the noodle and ingredient start to come out. After two days of non-stop eating at Melaka, this bowl of mee suah is a perfect ending to give my stomach a rest.

Mee Suah Soup (S) RM6.00
Ever found or seen this type of fried noodle? In KL, I think quite rare. Only traditional / oldies will fried noodle as this type. Even is watery, but it full of flavour. Meehoon consider a tasteless noodle. After adsorb the sauce water, its full of flavour. Not too salty and its quite balance among all ingredient. Thumb upss.. 

Fried BeeHoon (S) RM6.00)
This fried vegetable melt my heart. Very traditional flavour. Hawker stall flavour. Tai pai tong (大排挡) taste with great wok-hei. Simple taste with simple ingredient.. 

Fried Flowering Cabbage (S) RM10.00

Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant
 Never try never know.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Pantai Klebang Melaka

Frankly speaking, throughout my 3 years of stay in Melaka (studied at MMU), I just went to Pantai Klebang few times, probably 5 or 6 times. After so many years (10 years), I paid a visit to Pantai Klebang on 19th December 2015.

Most people will dropby there because of the coconut shake. But I'm not. My purpose is to go see the [Timbunan Pasir]. I saw at Fabceook recently where people share the view, wow, its look like at dessert.

Previously, I didnt know you can watch awesome sunset at Pantai Klebang. Now I know. Who do know? Go there and take a look by yourself. You will be amaze toward the Nature of GOD.

There are so many you can do at Pantai Klebang. The wind blowing quite steady and allow you to play kite. It is pretty easy even a kid age 5 also can play. Just choose your favourite cartoon, then let it fly up to the sky. Secondly, blow the bubble. Of course doesnt need to blow it yourself. The wind strong enough to assist you. A lots people is playing the bubble and it create a great view. Suitable for whole family and its fun.

I heard nearby there is Hotel Bustel which the minibus or van converted into Hotel and restaurant. You can walk around at Dataran 1 Malaysia as many stalls selling all kind of stuff...

I dont have much time to explore the whole Pantai Klebang yet. So reserve for the next time. 


Pantai Klebang
Kite Flying

Pantai Klebang
Bubble Bubble Bubble

Angry Bird
My sister enjoying ANGRY BIRD KITE

Pantai Klebang
Enjoy KITE and Sunset

Kid happily playing bubble

Klebang Beach
Bubble everywhere at Pantai Klebang

So many KITEs

Dataran 1 Malaysia
My sister enjoy the sunset view

klebang beach
My sister with the bubble

Klebang beach
I'm in love with bubble

klebang sunset
Awesome view

Sit back and relax

Its a worthy place to sit back and relax. Highly recommend to come Klebang Beach watch the sunset and enjoy the wind... Remember bring some F&B, picnic mat and etc.. But now worry, plenty of foods stall available nearby...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Magic Art Musuem Bayou Lagoon Park

Magic Art Musuem
Theme - 3D Trick Art
Location - Bayou Lagoon Park Melaka
Address - Jalan Wakaf, 75450 Melaka, Malaysia (WAZE app can guide you to there)
Visited - 19th December 2015

I bought a deal at ensogo whereby include Eco Tree Hotel and entrance pass to Magic Art Musuem 3D Trick Art.  This is my first time to go 3D art musuem. I seens alots people share their picture whereby its really look real. You really need to be creative when snap picture in order to looks real. Otherwise like me, picture looks so so and need see the example given to pose. 

Bayou Lagoon Park
I believe I can FLY
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky !! This is the most famous Art. Who doesnt wish to has a pair of wing so that can fly as far as possible and as high as could. My wings currently is hidden, sometimes somewhere I believe it will appear !! Just be waiting ... 

3D Trick Art
Magic Art Musuem 3D Trick Art

The entrance fee or ticket fee is RM25.00 adult and RM20.00 children / senior citizen. Operating hours is 10am to 7pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am to 9pm (Saturday / Sunday / Public Holiday)

Ticket Counter
Ticket Counter

Wow, from below you already know I'm lay down to pose it. After snap the picture, you just rotate it and tadah... Actually my head should pretend to watch down so that my hair wont like this... 

Melaka 3D
Dont watch below
Dont freak out, its fake. Is this look real? Half painting draw at wall and half painting draw on floor. Go there have a look, you will be amaze. 

3D waterfall
Do I look like being lock inside glass?  Genie in a bottle concept is so cool.  This painting the colour combination is nice.

3D art paint
Genie In a bottle

melaka 3D
Hollywood Red Carpet

Earth Rocket
I want to leave this universe
Ouch !! So pain... The kick damn strong !! You want to feel it, go ahead.. 

Kick Boxing
Wow !! Actually nothing inside.. LOL !! Now you see it, now you dont ... Dont disappointed. Go aim for real peek..

Peek a BOO

bayou lagoon park
Snow Cave
Finding missing puzzle in my life. Found? Of course no !! That easy? hehehe !! Enjoy playing the giant puzzle.. ermmm.. Play a guess, who is him?


Totally spend about 1.5 hours. Its could less or more. So its quite depends how you play the shooting. Since is school holiday, the place quite crowded.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Unicorn Cafe Melaka

During my 19th/20th Dec 2015 Melaka trip, I went to Unicorn Cafe for my nyonya food meal. Mostly tourist will opt for famous restaurant like Nancy's Kitchen Restaurant, Restaurant Nyonya Makko or Donald & Lily's nyonya food. But I choose Unicorn Cafe because of reasonable price (cheap) and without any taxes. It recommended by a blogger Rebecca Saw. 

Its truly a no regret to dine-in here because the food taste awesome. Its located at Jalan Melaka Raya 10 in the middle of the shop row. I arrived there about 2.pm and only 1 table with 5 diners. The whole lorong really quiet and by normal you wont walk-in there. I think only meant for local people. Unless you are very adventure traveller or an explorer. 

Melaka cendol
My sister enjoying the cendol
Cendol should come last but its the only picture with people so I put it at the top. My sister very lazy to snap picture so mostly I post picture of her... My sister so enjoy the cendol which we tasted the best so far.

Simple menu
A very simple menu which contains two pages. If you dont understand what is Seh Bak, dont worry, there is simple description of the dish. 

Unicorn Cafe
Simple Menu 2
5 pai tee for RM4.00 serve in a small tray with super spicy chili sauce. IMPORTANT NOTE - Dont wait too long to eat it as it wont crispy.

The skin cup is crispy. Filing with sengkuang, slice omelet top with parsley. Put little chile sauce, one bite into mouth.. Oh gosh !! So delicious !!

Pai Tee
Melaka quite famous with it popiah as pork lard is one of the ingredient. Its quite different version from Ipoh's version. Ermm.. which one do I like? I prefer Ipoh version but Melaka's version taste good too.

The popiah skin very soft and thin so you wont feel you are biting a piece of flour. Its like thin slice of omelet. One bite to it freshness due to cucumber and another bite to it crispy due to the pork lard... SATISFACTION !!

I think the chili sauce is same for popiah and pai tee.  

RM5.50 for this two popiahs, what to complain? Just eat la !!!


RM9.90 for each of below rice set, again !! What to complain? Just eat la !!! Look at the sambal chili.. Dont play play, it quite spicy... Delicious !! Taste of homemade !!

Two persons meal
PongTeh is something like braised meat with tauchoo sauce. Yes !! taste like tauchoo. Any other ingredient? I'm not sure. The broth very thick and the flavour very complicated. Cook toward the perfection. The meat is tender. Pork (half fat half thin) + one potato (cut into half) + few mushrooms.

PongTeh Babi - RM9.90 set
Curry Chicken - this is quite good. Its taste doesnt look like curry but instead mixture of many many ingredient such as chili, onion, ginger, lemongrass and etc. So good... Must order !!

Curry Chicken Debal - RM9.90

Compimentary a small bowl of mix vegetable of curry lemak. Taste good as the lemak didnt over and the aroma makes the dish goes up to another level... So good !! Thumbs up !!

Curry Lemak Vegetables - Complimentary
Ignore all the cendol stall at Jonker Street/Walk or recommended in travel book. Those are expensive and inconsistent. Those need to wait long Q, Q at roadside with sunshine, self service, stand to eat or sharing table with stranger. 

This just RM3.50 and you can comfortably enjoy a bowl of great Gula Melaka Cendol. Yes Yes Yes, no air-con. So what? You rather Q at roadside with the sun?? 

This is quite a big bowl - cendol, small red bean, gula melaka and santan - the combination is perfect. Each and every ingredient play it own role and doesnt overtake each other. Worthy to give it a try !!

Cendol - RM3.50
If you just want to drive there and has a bowl of cendol, parking shouldnt be a problem. There are plenty of empty parking lot along the Jalan Melaka Raya 10. If you lucky enough, park infront of Unicorn Cafe, just a few steps, you can enjoy this delicious and reasonable price nyonya food meal.
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