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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pin Pin Heong Restaurant (品品香餐室)

Opposite Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant

This small chinese restaurant located at 786 Lorong Hang Jebat Melaka. It is in between Jalan Tukang Emas and Lorong Hang Jebat... Its quite a worth to visit if you want to try local mee suah (a kind of noodle). 
Provided you willing to wait about 1 hour and not too hungry...

The restaurant is without air-con and quite stuffy inside with the open kitchen (3 cooks). The 3 chefs by looking at them, seems like father, mother and son. While 2 maids (either Indonesian / Filipino) in charge of taking order, prepare drinks, serve ready F&B, clean-up table and pay bill. 

Full House !! Packed with customer


The food menu very simple, remember ask for menu if you unsure what to eat. The kakak might didnt give you the menu. The menu only 1 page and only few selected. But manage to win all eater's heart.

Chinese food
Simple menu
Chinese version omelette definitely win my heart. This definitely best even though less ingredient. Fried the egg till crispy outside but fluffy inside. Importantly not oily and salty. Smell of egg aroma, wow.... Only simple ingredient of scallion, mini prawn and egg.. Definitely a worth to wait for Fu Yong Egg lover. RM6.00 for a plate of this, thumb ups. 

Prawn Omelette (S) RM6.00
I saw almost every table order this soup thingy. So why not give it a try? Since Mee Suah is selling everywhere around Jonker Street. If you like strong flavour, this is not suitable for you. Its almost tasteless and I need to add little soy sauce into it. But when you keep eating, the flavour of the noodle and ingredient start to come out. After two days of non-stop eating at Melaka, this bowl of mee suah is a perfect ending to give my stomach a rest.

Mee Suah Soup (S) RM6.00
Ever found or seen this type of fried noodle? In KL, I think quite rare. Only traditional / oldies will fried noodle as this type. Even is watery, but it full of flavour. Meehoon consider a tasteless noodle. After adsorb the sauce water, its full of flavour. Not too salty and its quite balance among all ingredient. Thumb upss.. 

Fried BeeHoon (S) RM6.00)
This fried vegetable melt my heart. Very traditional flavour. Hawker stall flavour. Tai pai tong (大排挡) taste with great wok-hei. Simple taste with simple ingredient.. 

Fried Flowering Cabbage (S) RM10.00

Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant
 Never try never know.

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