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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy Ending Year 2015 !!

Happy New Year !! See you in 2016 !!

Its been quite some time I didnt update my blog.. More or less about 1 year MIA.. Within these 2 years been inactive... There are so many things happened throughout these two years making life like a sitting in a rollercoaster..

The most sad thing - Mother passed away and make my whole family's life upside down.. Need time to get away from sadness... Its not that easy as father miss her so much and so do us !! We dont dare to ask him during "that time" or even mention anything about mom... We tried to keep him away from thinking about mom like move him to KL and put away thing which related to mom like picture... I think he keep it into his heart too as dont try to make us worry.. Since he dont want to talk, we also dont talk.. Otherwise, all of us dont know how to deal with it... Times fly away... our emotion get better...

The most happy thing - Bought house and move in... Finally a place can call HOME at KL.... Now spending money need to think twice.. Cannot simply spend because grab a big big debt... First time buy house, from selection, pay deposit, checking defect, renovation and moving in... Really a mess to me.. But well, I learn and I move on...

Travel - Finally I got chance to travel oversea after so many years... I been to Sichuan, China during early autumn and totally in love with the place and food... First time go to cold weather and lowest is -2 degree... Freaking cold... But the view is spectacular.... Chengdu - kangding - Seda - Maerkang - Chengdu... If got chance, definitely will back again.

After so many years of blogging, I notice I didnt improve at all in blogging thingy.. In term of snaping picture, filtering picture, wording and so on.. Well to certain extend, there is good and bad.. Back to my blogging intention is for my own viewing as I just need a platform to write and share something so that I can easily view it back in future. Therefore, my wording just as layman as it is. Bad thing is, OMG !! Totally no improvement on myself !! What a sad thing which I think I need to set it as year 2016 resolution.

I dont need to be a professional blogger, but I think I need to see some improvement too. 

Cloudy !! Please dont so lazy !! Wake up Wake up !! Dont always sleep !! Exercise more !!

Gambateh in year 2016 !!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Eco Tree Hotel Melaka

Year end !! While everyone going oversea holiday, I only able to spent 2 days 1 night at Melaka on 19th / 20th Dec 2015.

Melaka is my favourite place because I very familiar with the surrounding and I have no problem driving around..

Went to few places which are :-
1. Magic Art 3D Museum at Bayou Square Melaka - blog to update soon
2. Stay at Eco Tree Hotel at Melaka Raya
3. Eat lunch at Unicorn Cafe at Melaka Raya - blog to update soon
4. Timbunan Pasir at Pantai Klebang - blog to update soon
5. Shopping at Jonker Street - blog to update soon
6. Eat dinner at Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee
7. Snoopy at The Shore - blog to update soon
8. Eat lunch at Restaurant Pin Pin Hiong at Lorong Hang Jebat - blog to update soon

Actually, there are so many places to explore at Melaka. May be my 1st local trip in year 2016 will be Melaka too. Stay tune.

OK OK OK !! Back to the hotel I stayed this time at Melaka. Normally, I will stay nearby Jonker Street because easily walk around. But this time, I dont want to stay some much time at Jonker Street, therefore I dont really need to stay at this crowded place.

I came across with Eco Tree Hotel through ensogo.com when I'm browsing some deals.. I bought this deals at about RM180.00. The deal package include 1 night hotel stay in Executive Deluxe Twin + Breakfast for 2 pax and entrance to Magic Art 3D Museum. Originally the room price is RM198.00. Since it is newly built hotel (around less than a year), I think should be OK with the price. Importantly, parking is not an issue as there is free parking available. 

Overall, the hotel is quite impressive by it outlook and cleanliness. I'm quite satisfy with the stay. Hope the hotel can maintain well with it standard. Actually, nearby the Hotel, there are plenty of restaurant and you dont really need to go far to eat. Some famous nyonya restaurant is just few minutes walk from the Hotel. And is walk distance (15 minutes) to Hatten Square and cross the road is Mahkota Parada / Dataran Pahlawan. So it location pretty convenient.

Hotel Lobby

There are plenty of place for you to sit at the lobby while you waiting to check-in / out. Its pretty relax and comfortable. 

Melaka Raya
My sister as model

Since it is near Christmas, the Christmas's decoration really beautiful. There are few Christmas Tree around the hotel. And you can vote your most favorite too.  

Melaka Raya
In front of the lobby lift
The hotel's decoration quite precise and almost every corner there is something. So you wont see the surrounding too empty.

Welcome Drink

Eco Tree Hotel Malacca
Electricity Control Panel

Eco Tree Hotel
Entrance to Room

Once you open the room door, WOW !! The decoration quite pretty and its look like 5 star hotel. Just the room a bit smaller. The overall colour combination quite good make me feel relax and comfortable. 

Deluxe room hotel
Two Super Single Bed

The bed very comfortable pairing with the comforter at this cooling room, I had a very good sleep with any disturbance. Bed is very important and I quite concern on it. Since it is new hotel, the bed still good in shape. But how long it will stand? 

Twin room
TV with few chancels
Another added point for hotel stay is the TV type and channels provided. I'm TV lover. I will switch on the TV and search some nice program to watch. 

Coffee and Tea

Complimentary mineral water, tea bag, 3 in 1 coffee. There also a mini bar where you can put anything inside. Please ignore the car key, it is MINE !!

There isnt much toiletries provided such as toothbrush, body shampoo / hair shampoo. 


Cupboard and safe box

The bathroom and toilet and cupboard, all in one room.. So you can change your clothes easily. Pretty good design. similar design with those 5 star hotel with spacious room.

View from my room 3rd floor

My room at 3rd floor and it facing WEST. So can view sunset from the room. Really nice but I didnt able to see it as I watch the sunset at Pantai Klebang which is awesome.

The breakfast is buffet spread and quite OK on the choices. The staff clean the table quite frequent and refill the food also very fast.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Allianz Pacer Run 2015

Date - 6th December 2015
Venue - Dataran Putrajaya, Presint 3, Putrajaya
Route - 6KM / 12KM

Adidas running dry-fit tee !! What an attraction? OMG the registration fee just RM30? Why not why not? 

Yes !! Its my last run for year 2015 which is a fun run of 6KM. Recently I didnt go gym that frequent so suppose to upgrade or maintain it about 12KM run but I decrease it to 5KM or 6KM only. At least I still joining rather is NONE.

When I went to collect the bib number and running tee and I saw the adidas tee with so good quality, I was too happy that I'm register it even though just for 6KM. evil to the max !!

Wisma OCM
BIB collection at Wisma OCM

BIB number and running tee collection at Wisma OCM. Ermm, looking at the collection point, you know this is just a small scale of run.. Yeah !! because collection space quite small.. 

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Adidas dry fit tee
Paid RM30.00 to get this Adidas running tee, pretty cheap. Yes !! My mind pretty cheap.. hey !! sign up for running not for the tee OK !! LOL !! well, goodies do play an important roles to attract runner
Allianz Pacer Run
Start / Finish point

Well, Flag off time is 7.15 sharp.. Its consider early for 6KM.. if you are pretty fast, before 8am, you already arrive the finishing line.. The sky still not completely bright and air cooling, so nice.. The timing is perfect as its not hot and sunny.. 

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Finisher's goodies

All finisher for 6KM and 12KM will entitle the above goodies such as Allianz Pacer Run 2015 medal, one bottle of mineral water, a pack of food which consist of banana, bread, karipap and kuih, certificate for 6KM and ecert for 12KM with timing

Allianz Pacer Run 2015
Giant Banana

Last medal for year 2015

My sister - Yeah !! I make it !!

What an expression !!

A giant 3D art showing KL metropolitan and you really need a skill to snap it nicely..

Presint 3
My sister + I - JPN Presint 3 Putrajaya

my sister - Bungy RUN - a good try

my sister - Fail !! Too hard

Bungy Jump
my sister - Fall down is good !! Strong resistant

Bungy RUN
My sister - Souvenir from the fall

My sister - Free 100+ and Cotton Candy
This will be my last run of year 2015. I do hope can do more in year 2016 as I like go joining running event.. Just need to find those with better goodies and affordable fee.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hospital Kuala Lumpur Canteen

I'm not really fancy of food at Hospital. I always go to Hospital due to my parent's checkup or follow-up treatment. Mainly at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh. The food at the canteen really quite disappointed and just to satisfy the hunger. 

But recently, my father's check-up transfer to HKL, and as I know, there are two canteens at HKL. One at Bangunan baru Pakar and another at new parking building.. Oh yeah, now HKL will not offer any free parking. There is new parking building which offer thousand parking bay (I think - about 5 floors) with quite cheap parking fee. If not mistaken, first 3 hours is RM2 and subsequent hour is RM1.00. 

The food at the canteen located at new parking building quite good. OK lah with that kind of place with such pricing. In total there are 4 stalls which selling types of food not conflict with each other. Harmony !!

Stall 1 - Drinks
Stall 2 - Mixed rice
Stall 3 - Variety of noodle
Stall 4 - Snack (nugget / sandwich / kuih muih)

Hereby the food I ate that day :-

Pa said am I handsome?

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Mee Rebus - RM3.50

This mee rebus taste spicy and with RM3.50 this portion just suitable to a small bite. If you extra hungry, two plates please.
Got few cubes of tofu, few slices of potato, taugeh and half hard boiled egg. Good

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Mee Curry - RM3.50

Wow - look at the ingredient !! So many right? Pretty good deal and taste good too. 

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Teh O Ais Limau - RM1.70

Teh O Ais Limau a very common drink which everyone used to order nowadays. This one taste quite diluted as the tea not strong enough. But the limau flavour is good. 

Canteen with 4 stalls

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Outside Canteen
Oh another one is the nugget / hotdog / fishball per stick of 3 pieces is RM1.00, Karipad / Kuih muih is RM0.50 per piece.

Overall, if you wants to have a little bite while waiting the time (waiting at least 2 hours for blood test report), then here is the best place and if you dont wish to go outside HKL. Do sit nearby the window for better air.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine Ipoh

I purchased a set 4 course meals for 4 persons through Groupon and about RM20.00 per person. Nowadays money pocket quite tight and due to GST, all items increase price. In order to enjoy some specialty or luxury, I always search through discount offer.

The highlight of this restaurant is English cottage-inspired restaurant with natural lighting, garden, and available Wi-Fi.which quote from Groupon. I'm so excited and cant wait to pay a visit as browsing through Internet, the cafe quite nice.

I arrived at 1pm as the voucher stated time utilised between 12.00pm to 3.00pm. Its located just beside Ben & Lynette Maison Patisserie and nearby KPJ Hospital. By outside I look at it, I think its operate during night time and more happening. When I walk-in, its look very English style of decoration. I think night time will be better with the light on.

Menu for Groupon Voucher

My sister very pandai posing

My sister and I


Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine
Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Original price for this mushroom soup is RM15.00. WOW !! So expensive for this diluted canned mushroom soup.. Its tasteless. Super cheap mushroom soup. I buy one canned mushroom soup also can cook better than this !!

Ipoh western food
Pan-grilled mackerel fish fillet

Original price RM28.00 .. Frankly speaking, the fish taste OK with the (I think) garlic sauce. NO GOOD is the mash potato with no sauce given, and its cold. The salad is without any dressing. Corn not juicy and its like drying up.

Secret Garden Living, Wine & Dine
Old-style fish and chips
Original price RM20.00.. OK for this but just one slip of dory fish? Seems too little.. Even Tony Romas set lunch of RM19.90 also will give 2 pieces of fish.

Oven-roasted boneless chicken
Original price RM31.00... WOW !! Dont cheat by the photo, the actual chicken chop size really very small.. If this could big portion, my rating for this could be higher... Taste wise OK.

Ipoh Bakery
Chocolate Cheesecake
Original price RM6.90 and its taste OK. No complain of this. 

Overall the meal I bought at Groupon is RM40.00 for 2 persons with the original price about RM135.00.. WOW !! One person for this set about RM70.00 if I walk-in and dine-in.. So expensive.. 

For the price I paid, I consider OK for this food quality.. But I'm not sure whether if walk-in and dine-in with their original price, will the food quality and portion better? Hmmmmm !!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Lego Dream & Build - 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Went to 1 Utama last Saturday (21/11/2015) to watched a charity movie (special screening) and eagerly want to see Christmas decoration but saw Lego exhibition.. I'm not a big fan of Lego and I didnt own any Lego set. But this small exhibition really open my eye.. There are alots things can be created by Lego block..

Lego Dream & Build with the theme Bringing Your Dreams to Life !!
At 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lower Ground Oval
From 10th - 22nd November 2015

Check this out !!

I think Star Wars will be the main highlight..

Star Warz
Vader Mecha

By the way, I'm not really a fan of Star Wars but I really amaze that these blocks.. Cool..

Hello Kitty Town


Penang Bridge and Komtar

Twin Tower
KL Twin Towers

Thean Hou Temple
Thean Hou Temple

National Monument


Genting Highlands

I think I buy pasar malam RM10.00 nanoblock to try out whether I manage to put all the block together to complete the set.

NOTE - Photo took by Xiaomi Mi$i without any editing except resize
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