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Sunday, March 18, 2012

FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Giza Mall

Sunday a really good day for me to hea+ing everywhere... So I lazy around at Sunway Giza Mall with my sister... yeah yeah !!! Drive all the way from Cheras to Kota Damansara.. Not really a short distance for me.. As I dont know the shortest route..

So from Bandar Sri Permaisuri to Federal Highway to LDP and all the way to Giza Mall... Woohoo !! About 1 hour drive... Yeah yeah yeah !!! My driving skill is more or less like that la... Safety enough then OK lo...

Fullhouse cafe really a unique place to dine in.. Its a good place to gather few friends and to have a little chat.. Unfortunately, set lunch didnt applicable on weekend... Because the set lunch really super cheap... Will FullHouse open branch at Pavillion???

Mushroom Soup - RM8.90
Very creamy mushroom taste.. Plus the nut (not sure the name)
So thick and delicious !!

Chicken Chop with some special sauce - RM16.90
The chicken so tender and juicy but the sauce a little sweet...
The mash potatoe really superb... Love it...



Dory Fish with special sauce - RM16.90
A lots of vegetable... Perfect combination with the mash potatoe
Really a lots !!

Lavender Lemon Ice Blended - RM6.90
Sweet and Sour !!!
Perfect drink after heavy meal !!

Creme Brulee - RM10.90
My first time to taste this dessert.. and look very similar to chinese egg custard...
This one is very good with the caramelizing sugar on the top..

Nice on ME !!!

Their signature decoration which is mini car.. I think every branch do have one...

Arranging my second visit... In love with their Mash Potatoe !!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Lorax @ Churp Churp

I got 2 free movie screening tickets from Churp Churp... Thanks Thanks Thanks !!! Thanks to Nuffnang too !!!

Basically this cartoon speak about Recycle !! Protect Environment !! Save the Earth !!!

Very suitable for whole family... go ahead bring your children...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Star Village @ Kuchai Lama

I bought a promo deal at everyday.com.my aka livingsocial which is ONE Main Course (4 Choices) + ONE Mushroom Soup + ONE Ice Lemon Tea + ONE Ice Cream For RM14.90 ONLY! @ Star Village, Kuchai Lama
4 courses meal... wow !! Look fantastic !! Heard this cafe has a nice decoration... Get my camera ready !! My stomach also ready !! Here you go !!


Mushroom Soup + Ice Lemon Tea

Seafood Spaghetti
Big Mussel + 2 Prawns + Fried ManTau (nice)
Very creamy white sauce

Cheezy Chicken Chop
Crispy + Cheese = Perfect

Strawberrt + Vanilla = Yummy

I'm so hungry

Quite worthy the deal.. Hope there will be anther again !! I'm so satisfied !!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Watami @ Pavillion

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant
C4.04.00, Level 4, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Watami or my colleague pronouce it as WanTanMee... hahaha... so funny... The first time I dine in this restaurant, immediately I fall in love with it... Been there three times, and found out the menu quite different from lunch to dinner... There are set lunch, set dinner and normal menu...

The set lunch really worthy but only available from Monday to Friday... Once a month having set lunch there also OK... Set dinner available Monday to Sunday... very heavy meal but yet still good to try.. Too bad most of the food for set dinner is beef.. Non Halal for me... Let's try the normal menu.. Great too !!!

Nice set !! Can I have one?

 Chicken Katsu TamagoToji. (RM17.90)
Chicken Cutlet With Scramble Egg
Where is the EGG? LOL !!!

Yeah yeah !! So lovely !!

Unagi Kamameshi. (RM19.90)
Eel Pot Rice

When I ordered this, the waitress told me I need to wait for 20 minutes and the menu also stated this.. I thought the waiting time is from kitchen to my table... But when the whole set come to me, the waiter told me wait 20 minutes because the rice is uncooked...

How to know the rice whether fully cook? Very simple, the flame finish burn then its time to have your rice.... really nice.. ngam ngam cook !!! So delicious !!

Before cook...

 After cook... So delicious the rice !!
I so miss it... OMG !!!

 Fried Camembert Cheese
The berry sauce really nice... Taste very special !!
Soft and creamy inside, crispy outside...
Its Japanese restaurant with western food !! Fusion !!

Agedashi tofu
This is one of my japanese favourite dish..

So who wanna date for a simple meal at WATAMI Pavillion?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Boston @ Viva Home Mall

Its a lazy Sunday and I went to nearest mall to hea+ing... and this is my lunch at Boston... I like the food here... Planning to bring my daddy and mummy at ipoh branch..

 Mahjong !!
Are this restaurant, encourage us to play mahjong?
Hongkie style...
Fatt Fatt Fatt !!

Ying Yong Ice

 Chicken Fillet Rice
Did you notice the "Char Choy"?
Very typical chinese food..

Fish Fillet Cheese Baked Rice
Very delicious and cheesy...
I love CHEESE !!!

P/S - snap using my blackberry 9300 so the quality not really good...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lee Hom Music Man 2 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Date - 03/03/2012
Venue - Stadium Merdeka
Time - 8.30pm to 11.15pm

First time ever watch concert over the rain... Its not that heavy rain but its more than enough to wet your clothes like bathing... At first I thought the concert might stop due to the rain but lasted till the last...

He gave his best performance even though it rainy night at wet stage... The first song quite ruin as the sound system or the headmic doesnt perform good... Hope organizer can take note on this...

 Rain Coat on all the time...
I bring my own raincoat..
The organizer gave us that one really cheap...

A lots people wearing this red t-shirt..
Not sure it is one of the Lee Hom fan club?

People mountain People see
One of the crowded concert...

First outfit !!!

Whole stadium full of flashlight...
Awesome scene...
all fan gave the best response to Lee Hom...

As usual rundown of the concert, Lee Hom sure show his talent by playing few music instruments like violin, piano and guitar... He is awesome talented and handsome...

Even the stage is so far from us.. But he make his special appearance in front of everyone...
Everyone just forget the rain and just run towards him...

See.. the distance between me and him... He is so near to me.. I can see him so clearly...
Everyone yelling.. Oh GOD !! He so leng chai !!!

At the end, he use few languages to said "I Love You" to all the fan..
The most amazing is he said "Saya Cinta Pada Mu"

The concert ended perfectly with all the memory..
Until everyone forget to bring back their trash..
Please remember dont do this for the next time..
Protect environment !!
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