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Monday, September 29, 2008

Lavender vs Xi Men Ting voucher

Y'day went to Pavillion for a movie... with my gang of frenz... then passby Lavender Bakery.. my sister want to buy ROTI for breakfast.. okok.. but the ROTI so expensive de wor.. luckily i got RM4 voucher and can minus from there the balance.. hahaha.... okok...

i pass the voucher to my sister lo.. then hor hor.. after paid, she told me this voucher cannot use.. what?? why cannot?? the cashier said this is not LAVENDER voucher so cannot use at their bakery.. OMG.. what??

look clearly.. hahaha.. i really pass wrongly the voucher to her.... sorry sorry.. she said so paiseh ler.. paiseh paiseh.. after paid, she run fast fast.. hahaha

its my fault lo.. never see properly.. i passed my sister the xi men ting voucher instead of lavender voucher.. hahaha....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

sbread - Mid Valley (Closed)

Had a very nice breakfast at MidValley as arrived early and looking something special to satisfy my hunger... just tried this something different... Actually a thick toast.. but not those traditional type.. take a look.. i let the picture explain it all...

(chocolate charcoal thick toast - for choco lover)

(Pandan Kaya Sesame Thick Toast)

(sesame toast - see the sesame?? - personally i love this one)

(limited menu - havent try? - why not give it go?)
So as traditional breafast at kopitiam, my sister and I order very traditional drink and serve in traditional cup....

(Cham = coffee + tea - correct?)


This small little cafe located at Midvalley at a small corner.. might not notice even u passby it.. hehe... take a look of the interior so may be u can recall when you passby it...

This little cafe also got website de lo... may be can save it for future reference.. hehe.. According to the board, originally from thailand wor..

Finally attached also some funny funny pic.. hehe.. enjoy... remember go try.. I will be back there again....

Friday, September 26, 2008

RedBox Karaoke - the gang !!

Venue : RedBox K, The Curve.
Date : 21th September 2008
Time : 11am - 2pm
People : Mandy, Thomas, Catherine, Jiin and last but not least "ME"
Purpose : release tension (hahaha)

This is 2nd gathering for this gang.. the 1st one was early month at friendster cafe.. I havent post that yet... since all of the gang oledi posted this gathering at individual's blog.. I think i dont want to be missed out lo.. hehe... its may be a payback time after Ms. Jiin posted my photos at ahxxx.com

Before posting the gang's cutiest photos.. i introduce some foods first... hehe... always food first.. ok..

(the menu - i dont really flip it and dont know what inside)

Everyone got one main course and a drink.. so 4 of us order two types of main course as each of it cost differently...

(spagethi bolognise - so so only - finish half and leftover half)
(Price - RM14++)

(chicken rice - Jiin said no knife how she goin to eat?)
(Price - RM20++)

(Ice Lemon Tea - super super not nice)

(Hot Lemon Tea - how was the taste , Mandy?)

There are free flow of dessert, salad and fruit... not sure whether will top up or not.. coz we only went to take it once at the beginning....

(yummy - mini cakes - delicious - thumbs ups)

(corn, ham, tuna and etc )

(salad - thousand island)


(red bean - tong sui)

(our table full of food oledi - hahahaha)

okok.. full with food? satisfy? hahaha... now now.. the gang appearance... clap hand clap hand.. all singer Queen and King.. hahaha....

The Gang not only Queen and King of entertainment industry but hor.. also Actor and Actress also.. hahaha.... here it goes..

(Cat so desparate to be the first to sing - hahaha)

(Cat - u miao miao all the way -hahaha)

(Mandy - shoot me la.. dont shoot the TV)

(Jiin - my turn my turn)

(Ms Jiin aka Jolin - Queen of the Day)

(Merajuk - okok - your turn - cool)

(Mandy - she went to far away for the selection)

(wow - so energytic)

Everyone got the chance to sing... except me.. hahahaha... where is ME? ME? hehehe.... everyone seems got chance to touch the mic.. then where is mine??

(my mic in the utensil box - hahahaha)

There are some special effects appear at the TV.. take a look.. look.. look...

(quality too bad - half of the lyric cannot see)

(lyric cannot read - so bad)

(cannot imagine our list of selection full - thanks to the Queen, King and aka Jolin - hahahaha

(before time out - these show at the screen - good reminder)


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Starbuck Coffee's MoonCake

This year MoonCake Festive... bought a something different from traiditional mooncake.. Starbuck's MoonCake... Since my sister got discount so why not buy lo.. Never taste something different.. because every year also had traditional one.. LOTUS paste de.. Red Bean de.. hehe...

(the box consist of two mooncake)

(taaadahhh - one black and one chocolate)

How about the taste ler? haha.. so curious right? I also very excited.. first time for something different from traditional MoonCake.. hehe.. nice nice...

So the first one is Berry Cheese... OK... a bit berry taste.. dont really taste the CHEESE... myself prefer CHEESE flavor.. so so a bit disappointed coz "tarak" taste the CHEESE.... not so sweet.. so quite ok...

(very nice overall layout - obviously can see the brand)

(Berry paste and Cheese yolk)

the second one is TIRAMISU lo.. i dont know what is TIRAMISU taste.. just a coffee flavor for hahaha... so not sure nice or not.. but a bit weird to eat coffee flavor MOONCAKE...

(Pretty Layout)

(Tiramisu Paste)

i think quite good try for this MoonCake for those coffee lover.. hehe....

MoonCake Festival at KAMPUNG

My mooncake festival very happening at Kampung.. everyday year i definitely go back celebrate.. coz only left my parent (mother and father) at home only.. so no matter how and what, i will take leave and go back de lo.. hehe.... my father like lively environment....

This year I decide to have BBQ.. a bit different la.. so this year Auntie Sim's family and Uncler Yip's family join us for the celebration.. so total is 3 family about 10 person.. hehe.. nice nice...

(i use the brick to stand the BBQ that everyone can stand)

(the fried mee and BBQ's food)

(table still empty - party still havent start yet)

(praying started - but dunno Y the table stilll empty)

Beside the food, of course cannot be missed during MoonCake Festival is the tanglung and assorted colour candle lo... tanglung is everywhere and the candle light is everywhere... hahaha...

i'm still like kid and like very much the MoonCake celebration festive mood... so so tanglung cannot be miss.. since i adult jor lo.. PAPA not buying for me liao... so so.. me and my sister bought one very last minutes..... very traditional one and super pretty de...

(mine pretty butterfly tanglung)

(my sister - fish fish tanglung)

So the MoonCake Festive at kampung ended very nicely.. super full with all the food... hehehe
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