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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh @ Sri Petaling (Closed)

Well Well Well !! Are you fancy of BKT? Not Bukit.. Its Bak Kut Teh.. Yeah !! Super Non-Halal Food !! By the way, previously I'm not really a big fan.. Well !! Now also not that.. Its because I'm not really into PORK.. Especially not in fried.. In my mind, BKT is all about fat pork.. But But I'm totally wrong.. In fact, I can order whatever part of the meat I want.. Chapalang? Thin? Fat? Belly? Lion? etc.. 

Bought a deal about RM14.00 for two persons.. Its great time to try it at this super cheap price.. 

 Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh offer varieties of choice.. Dry or wet? And also side dishes like vegetable and steam fish

 Should be the BOSS - probably 2nd generation

 As usual, serve the thick soy sauce

 Chinese Tea is a must for BKT and its not include in the deal

 Steam Lala (Ginger slice, Fried garlic, Little bit wine)
The lala taste good with the WINE
I'm drunk

One person claypot wet bak kut teh
Frankly speaking, I prefer strong taste of soup..
This one for me too "tawar"
(Tafupok, mushroom, dry beancourd, pork meat)

Wing Hiong Bak Kut Teh just located few shops away from Old Town White Coffee at Sri Petaling.. Better be early as parking really a headache at that area.. Oh !! Try to avoid Tuesday at Pasar Malam nearby.. Car crowded like crazy !!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oiso Korean @ The Sphere Bangsar

Today is my 33th years old... Happie BigDay to myself !! hahaha !! Well.. At this age.. birthday isnt a thing to shout at.. So just remain as quiet as it is... Out of sudden think of The Sphere.. SO just heading toward it.. Its not that far from my place...

Went to have one of my favourite meal which is Korean Food.. This restaurant dont have BBQ.. only serve kitchen cook food.. Well, beside BBQ, you name it they have it... The price quite reasonable and the staff very friendly.. Nice envinroment to dine in.. Not that crowded and confortable to have some great dining time...

5 types of refillable side dishes
My favourite will be the IKAN BILIS

Korean Rice Tea - RM4.90
Taste little bit like barley

Jigae - RM14.90
(Tofu, Egg, 1 little prawn)
The soup not that spicy and ngam ngam for my taste

Chicken Bimbimbap - RM16.90
(Fried egg, slices of mushroom, carrot, cucumber, red cabbage, seaweed, taugeh)

Seaweed soup + sauce (For bimbimbap)

Steam Egg - Free
Its always got little burn taste... 
Order two sets and free either steam egg or pancake
Seems only available during dinner time

I notice in the menu stated the price differentiate between lunch and dinner.. Wonder what is the different between dinner and lunch time?

Oiso Korean Restaurant located at The Sphere Bangsar.. This restaurant owned by a Korean.. I definitely will pay a visit again.... Yummy food !!!

Its claim NO PORK SERVE !! The whole menu I cant find any pork meal... Its should be HALAL restaurant as I saw many Muslim people dine in there....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Toast Box @ Times Square

The best ever half boiled egg ever... Definitely available at Toast Box... Not only outlet at Times Square.. I tried the outlet at pavillion.. also serve the best... Their coffee really nice tooo... Hmmmm !!!
Ice Coffee

 2 Half Boiled Eggs

 Butter & Kaya Toast Bread

Ceiling Fan

Located at LG floor !!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Turtle Bun - Nine God Emperor Festival

Turtle Bun only available for selling once a year... Just during September month of Chinese calendar... Its seems not Ipoh people like to eat this turtle bun... Its delicious... 

Traditionally, just steam it and peel the red skin then the white white beautiful bun ready to get into your mouth...

But to be creative.. Actually not creative la.. My frenz taught me this way of new eating... Normally is using white or normal bread.. But this round, I use turtle bun.. Slice the turtle bun and dip it into the beaten egg... Then fried it at a very low heat... Tadah !!!

Awesome taste !!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fu Lai Dim Sum @ Kuchai Lama

I like dim sum so much.... Ever since my mother not feeling well and not really convenient to go out.. We didnt have dim sum for so long... Especially Ipoh dim sum... Since I so craving... I surf net and wow... nearby me got few nice dim sum.. and got one open until quite late night... Great !!!

To try it for the first time and not sure the exact location.. I decide to try it during daytime.. and the location very strategic and easy to spot... Just right opposite the Paparich Kuchai Lama...

 Three types of sauce for you to choose - Cili, Mayonoise, Sweet 

 Loh Mai Kai
The glutinous rice so soft.. Perfect steaming

The egg tart not really good...
Wont get it next time...
Still Ipoh egg tart the best...

 Yong liew !!! The fish paste so nice... Love it..

 Look at the fish paste.. So thick !!

 Fried Carrot Cake !!
Too spicy !!
Not that good too..

 Har Kau !!
This is a must for dim sum..
Without this eating dim sum wont be perfect..

Total burn about RM40.00
Quite expensive for ipoh standard but here is KL !!!

Eating dim sum at late night really another type of experience !! Great moment !!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yesterday [18/10/2012] Simple Dinner

Recently really boring with outside food and wish to have simple food.. So home-cook really suit the taste.. Even simple, but so delicious and warm... I miss my mama's cooking very much.... Probably there isnt any chance to taste it again... :(

 Base - Fried egg (beat the white and york equally and fried it at the round pan to maintain the shape)
Ingredient - Japanese Tofu and Chinese Taufopok
Sauce - Chinese soy sauce and little sugar

Purple Cabbage - RM1.90
Myojo Mee Poh Goreng - Spicy

Steam Egg with Japanese Tofu
Fried little garlic for garnishing and extra taste
Dont forget Chinese soy sauce

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Yesterday [16.10.2012] dinner !!

Well.. Out of sudden feel want to eat home cook dinner.. But my house here got limited resources... so below are my cheap dinner that cook by myself.. able for two ppl eat..

Two packets of Maggi Mee - RM1.60
Three eggs - RM1.20
Choy Sam (Sawi) - RM1.60

Total Cost - RM4.40 for two peoples

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Delicious Afternoon Tea @ Mid Valley

The 3-Tier Afternoon Tea set... Tried once and really like it.. Thanks to the deal for bring this promotion again.. Affordable for me.. Heard this thing quite some time and many places selling at quite expensive.. Expensive in my own meaning as per my earning... Well Well Well.. nOriginal price is RM59.90++ and with the deal promotion, I manage to get it at RM35.00 nett.. including 2 choices of coffee or tea... isnt it great??? Totally awesome..

Delicious, a western concept of restaurant and has many outlets like One Utama, Mid Valley and Jalan Tun Razak. This is my first time dine-in at Delicious and give a chance to see see the menu/price for future reference...


 Well, better concentrate to this 3-Tier Afternoon Tea set... The portion can share among 2-3 persons or even more...

Bottom Tier
1. Sandwich (smoked salmon, tuna, cucumber and egg)
2. Duck Confit in Filo Pastry
I think the egg round sandwiches got put little caviar.. coz the taste a bit salty like sea water... 
lol.. my own imagination...

I really like the sandwiches because the bread and the ingredient..  especially the round shape.. coz very cute

Middle Tier
1. Scones with Blueberry jam and Cream
2. Chocolate Truffle
3. Rosemary and Cheese Cookies


 The chocolate Truffles really very chocolate... One bite, all chocolate will spread around the whole mouth.. wow !! Feeling so RICH !!
The Top Tier
1. Delicious Chocolate cake
2. Strawberry with chocolate dip


 We both didnt touch the cake at all coz too full.. So take away please.. 
But the cake really nice !! I put it into my fridge for overnight and the cold.. really great...

The afternoon tea set come with two beverages..

Early Breakfast Tea with Honey

   Tall Latte

This is my second dining at Delicious and also for their Afternoon Tea Set.. The first experience at Delicious Jalan Pinang.. The presentation wise for the tea set is better than this one at Mid Valley... May be should try other outlet like the one at Jalan Tun Razak or One U.. Should be better.

Love the tea set... A simple thing suitable to bite when have a chit chat with friends and family...

Friday, October 12, 2012

Crepe2U - Times Square

Crepe !! CREPE !! wuahaha !! I'm so fancy about crepe.. But its not a cheap snack [my opinion judgement based on my own income level]... Anyway, once a while definitely can satisfy my yum yum !!!

RM4.90 for sweet crepe... Flavour like banana chocolate, strawberry peanut and so on.. All the fruits are fresh... RM5.90 for salty crepe like chicken floss, ham, sausage and so on... 

This time I tried the sweet crepe - banana chocolate... very crispy and big.. really worthy... 

So big and crispy - yummmy
Banana Chocolate Crepe

Definitely I will be back for another choice.. About 20 over flavours to choose from.. definitely got one suit you... 

If you take monorail go to Times Square.. Definitely you will see this shop.. very pinky and eye-catching outlet... Located at 1st floor near the monorail entrance/exit..

Note : Photo taken by HTC One X - image not clear due to the camera girl's skill matter.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Restaurant Rasa Utara - Times Square

Restaurant Rasa Utara located at Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square. 

Been here once for it Ramadhan Buffet and its quite some time back.. About it ala-carte, heard a lots about it but never taste it yet.. Heard the food is "so so" and expensive... Finally I got to experience it myself.. Thanks to the person who donate a RM50.00 voucher to me.. hahaha !!!

Its quite a small outlet and that day of my visit quite empty... Once I settled down at one of the table and I'm facing the open kitchen + inside times square.... I look around and found there few pictures of Tun Dr. M.. Is this restaurant related to him? Well doesnt interested at all and start browsing the menu...

Wow !! Really not cheap.. The dishes from RM10.00 to RM50.00 [vegetable to meat to seafood]... God bless the taste have to be good !! This is what I'm thinking when browsing it...

OK !! Below pictures are my selection for that dinner... 

Menu of the day

RM50.00 Voucher

Side Seating with air-con
Open Kitchen
Nasi Briyani Rasa Utara - RM4.80
Kai Lan - RM10.80
The Kai Lan is very big and complete as a whole.. If cook fresh then will be super delicious.. Too bad !! Spoilt !!!

Seafood Tom Yam - RM15.80
 The Seafood Tom Yam quite small pot - the taste quite similar to what I had at mamak stall.. But of course the seafood is not as much as this at mamak stall... Frankly speaking, it is not fresh at all..

Sambal Ayam - RM15.80
  The Chicken very dry and hard.. Not really good to bite.. Probably not immediate cook with fresh chicken... But the sambal quite good...

Overall the food is so so, the price is expensive and the staff not really that friendly...
Will I come back?
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