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Sunday, March 29, 2009


Date : 23rd March 2009
Time : 8.30pm - 9.30pm
Venue : World

More than 80 countries signed up for EARTH HOUR on this day and hour in which HOMES, OFFICE TOWERS and LANDMARKS will turn off their lights.. This is to raise awareness about climate change and the threat from rising greenhouse gas emissions...

Earth Hour is an International Event organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).. It started on 2007 at Sydney and popularized in 2008. This year 2009, more countries participate and make it BIG... Malaysia is the 1st year to participate and I do hope is more to come...

In Malaysia, our popular landmark which is Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower being turned off the lights to mark EARTH HOUR in downtown Kuala Lumpur...

So did I participate in this event? Technically, I am... because I'm not at home so the light is off.. Practically, I'm not.. because I'm not.. Because I at concert.. too bad.. Last year (2008), I did hear from radio about this event and I forgot to participate myself.. This year I'm missed it also.. Hopefully next year I can experience it myself...

Anyway, the main purpose for this event is to create awareness.. Meaning we as a human got responsibility towards this GLOBE.. Its already very suffer, please dont torture it some more.. Protect our environment... There is many things we can do.. such as dont throw rubbish everywhere... etc etc...

My sources - thank you to Yahoo! news and Wikipedia...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rainbow Waterfall

Date : 01.03.2009
Time : 6.00am

After a hectic day on 28th Feb 2009, everyone went to bed very early and really had a deep sleep.. Because on 1st Mar, everyone need to wake up at early morning to get prepared by 6.00am... Y need to wake up so early?? The journey from Sg Lembing Town to Waterfall took about 1 1/2 hours.. and this is by 4 wheels..

(R u sure this is 4 wheel?)

The road mainly like the picture above and only fit to one vehicle.. if opposite side got another vehicle.. I also not sure how both driver goin to adjust?... Since it is a deep forest (imagine drive 1 1/2 hours - not consider deep forest ah??) so many trees and branches along the road.. and I sit at outside, always kena slap by those leaves lo... so pain..

(So excited but only half way stop-by)

(our seat !! one row 4 ppls and got about 5 rows)

After he he ha ha from dark to bright and after a long long 1 1/2 hours, finally finally finally, arrived at the entrance of the trail to Rainbow Waterfall.... another 45 mins to go...

I took almost 5 minutes to across this river... why? simple.. there are many small / big rocks at the bottom so its not even.. If not bkful, once fall down.. my clothes wet already is not a big deal.. but my CAMERA lo.. that's is most important... phew !!~!!! luckily..

(I feel relieve but still shaking !!)

starting the traile will be as picture above.. rocky type... as this is the ending of the waterfall.. as its goes.. normal forest trekking trail started.. neeed to climb abit and with assistant of the trees root.. The waterfall is very high.. so we keep going up and up and up.. really tired lo my leg...

Oh.. one important note is.. better dont wear sport shoes.. yayaya.. normally trekking prefer sport shoes ma.. but this trail got a lots of Leeches... so better wears tight sandal.. for those trekking use de.. better.. my group got a lots of ppl bite by leeches.. even we really very be caution but yet... the leeches is smarter than us....

finally arrived already.... wow.... the waterfall so high... and not so much of water... very cooling and the wind blowing very nice.... the main purpose is to watch RAINBOW... if lucky.. coz must need enough sunlight.... the best time is before 10.00am... after 10.00am, you must go near the waterfall only can see the rainbow..

Not my luck as so cloudy.. so not enough sunlight to create the RAINBOW reflection.. and one lucky thing is after about 10 mins, out of sudden without everyone notice, the RAINBOW appear.. so everyone shouting 'RAINBOW RAINBOW'.. so faster faster take out camera and snap the rainbow...

(not so obvious - snap by normal digital camera)

luckily i manage to help my sister to take the rainbow photo but she unable to help me take and the RAINBOW disappear... its too fast.. Y Y Y the cloudy is there?? sigh.... but I still satisfy la.. at least I so hard wake up so early and climb so far.. I still manage to see it... Nature is so GREAT...

P/S : : : All the duration (time) is estimation and told by guide.. coz along the journey I was too excited and forgot to see my watch.. hehehe..

My whole journey for Sg Lembing trip.. ended already... will be posting some nice foods from Sg Lembing later or soon.. hehehe..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogger Award - Uber Amazing Award

I received AWARD from Borneo Falcon..

Based on the definition posted at his blog, do my blog really give you that kind of feeling?? wow.. If really do, I really happy lo.. hehehe... really appreciation the recognition. hhehehehe... This is the 1st time I received a blog award.. When I read other bloggers' blog and saw those award.. I will think "when do i will get one?" hehehe.... now here its goes.. hahaha

Frankly speaking, I dont think I deserve this la.. but since already accept, I will keep up my good work de.. everyone gambateh....

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:
  • inspires you
  • makes you smile and laugh
  • or maybe gives amazing information
  • a great read
  • has an amazing design
  • and any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing

The rules of this award are:
* Copy the badge and put the logo on your blog sidebar or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this this post and to the person you received your award from.
* Come back and comment here so that your link could be added to the master list of awardees.

Actually, I really dont know who to nominate... coz every blogger I been to their blog, its really "SUPER"... but no matter what I still want to pass this one de.. So the list will be :-

1) L'abeille - the first person inspire me to start my own blog (unfortunately she already stop blogging)
2) Janice - my long long time friend.. errmmm.. since Form One
3) Nicole Hah - really love her cooking... hope one day can try ...
4) Mandy aka Hamstermuimui - she being inspired to start blogging by few of us (me + cathy + nicole - I think so.. hahaha)
5) Last but not least Catherine aka Cathy - the "hang fuk" little meow meow.. hehehe..

Enjoy.. hehehe...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Teluk Cempedak - Kuantan

Date : 28th Feb 2009
Time : Evening (After Dragon Temple)

After a whole day trekking, its so relaxing can lazyyy myself at BEACH.. This beach really well developed and maintained... Have KFC and McDonald drive-thru.. also Hyatt Hotel.. Its really a beautiful beach as doesn't need to go to island.. Its really better than PORT DICKSON... Since this beach located at South China Sea.. so the water still quite OK.. manage to see some blue blueish...

Angin-angin sepui sepui.. its so great ah... really dont wish to go back lo... why 1 hour flying so fast de?? haihzz....

If you all happen to at Kuantan.. try to keep some time and dropby this place... its great lo... hehe...

Temple of Emperor Gold Dragon (太子金龙庙)

Date : 28th Feb 2009
Time : Afternoon (after the Sg Pandan Waterfall)

After the Sg Pandan waterfall trip, the next is Temple of Emperor Gold Dragon... What so special about this Temple?? I also not sure... But I for me just a bit like the Malacca - Au Yin Hill... hehehe...

Before entering this Temple, better try to change our LUCK at the 2700M longs dragon... Entering at the Dragon's Tail and out at the Dragon's Mouth...

Then when arrive the Dragon's Mouth, must touch the DragonBall and make a wish... After that, do donate as per your heart la.. this is to help to maintain the Temple only.. hehehe !!~~!!!

Inside the Temple surrounding, there is many many statue such as 12 zodiacs, various GOD and etc etc.... walk walk around around.. look look and see see...

Finally, is time to leave.. hehe... Lasting Forever !!~~~~!!!...

Sungai Pandan Waterfall

Date : 28th Feb 2009
Time : Afternoon

After went to Gua Charas, we are heading to Sg Pandan Waterfall... I was quite excited towards the waterfall coz I long long time never been to waterfall already.... But when I arrived there, I'm abit disappointed lo... And then finally after about one hour, I started to like it.. hahaha...

This waterfall not that big but got nice structure... Its "bertingkat tingkat".. so its quite different from others waterfall I been before...

Quite clean and well maintain... got toilet and few stalls selling food and beverages... not that crowded.. so can enjoy the water dripping nicely...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pregnant Recipe

Today my colleague shared with me her pregnant recipe... She told me that few peoples tried also got good effect... I'm also not sure la.. just share share at here lo..

"Bak Chan".. this herb soup is for women one.. This recipe required you to drink 3 times "Bak Chan"..

1st one - After "P" clear... the next day (Day 1 "P" clear), boil this "Bak Chan" to drink... 4 bowls water boil till 1 bowl water... ok.. The best drink is at the MORNING before breakfast.. Then using back the "Bak Chan" .. put 1 1/2 (one and the half) bowls to reboil into about 3/4 (three quarter) bowls and drink it at Night...

2nd one - (Day 3 "P" clear).. using same boiling methods as above...

3rd one - Day 15 from the 1st day of "P".... meaning if the "P" start is at 01/01/09 so 15/01/09 u have to drink this "Bak Chan" for the 3rd time lo.. ok.. Boiling methods same as above..

So repeat again for the next month and next month and next month ok.. so one month you only need to drink 3 times only.. understood.. hehehe...

Happy Trying !!! All the best !!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gua Charas - Sg lembing

After the Bukit Panorama, went back to our homestay for a rest... about 11am, start the journey to this GUA CHARAS... This place located about half and hours drive from Sg. Lembing Town...

There is entrance fees and parking fees.. I'm not sure how much.. Roughly RM1-RM3 lo.. Inside the Gua Charas got one large reclining Buddha.. Inside the cave got temple, small paths and electric lightings...

(Two ways to go up to the cave)

There is two ways up to the cave... One is so-called tougher one is about 185 steps.. and another one is about 130 steps... actually both I think is similar la.. not so suffer to climb this stair la.. just takes you few minutes only..

(Inside the cave)

(A shot from inside the cave)

Frankly speaking, I'm not so impressed about this place... just the normal limestone of the cave only... If purposely travel so long to go here... not that worthy la... But my friend told me, if you happen to be there at the RIGHT TIME, you will see the sunlight flash directly to the buddha... Its like miracle...

(Entrance to the Gua)

Date - 28th Feb 2009
Time - 11.30am

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bukit Panorama - 林明山

Located at Sg. Lembing Town.
Date - 28th Feb 2009
Time 5.15am to 7.30am

Start the hiking journey at 5.15am.. For hiker, its will take about 30 minutes to reach the peak.. But since i'm not hiker, I took about 1 hour to reach the peak.. I really hate to climb the stair.. there are "hundred" of steps stair lo.. haihzz... since is still DARK.. along the trail.. look up at the sky.. you can see Thousand of STAR STAR.. its so so beautiful... enjoying throughout the whole hiking journey....

the waiting time is most excited... but what we waiting for?? of course the sunrise, its will look like a yolk.. and another thing is the SEA CLOUD... wow.. these two things I never see it in my life till now... really be-waiting for it... tick tock tick tock..

Finally the moment come.. there is a little sunlight for a far.. unfortunately, so cloudy.. so its block the sun.. I only can see the sun light only.. but this experience also very nice already... When the first time see the SEA CLOUD.. its a WOW !!.. so beautiful... nature is so great.. !!!!

Definitely a infinity WORTHY to reach the peak.... Many hikers throughout the country came here to experience themselves this nice view.. I even can see got some foreigner... !!~!!!

I'm in heaven...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sungai Lembing Town

Sungai Lembing Town is located at Pahang and about 42km from Kuantan. Its a very very small town.. Its almost a dead town in the night.. The most active time is during morning from about 6am till 11am... Went to this small town for my mini trekking adventure on 28th Feb to 1st Mar 2009.. A really new experience for me during the whole journey..

Arrive at this small town about 3.40am, borrow Hakka Association to brush teeth.. Sorry to uncle coz need to wake up so early for us.. there is a foodcourt and so happy a stall open at about 4.30am.. Not sure the stall open specially for us or really everyday also open that early...

Start our trekking to Bukit Panaroma at about 5.15am.. Why so early? B'coz want to catch the sunrise ma.. aiyoo... hehehe...

(my homestay - 12 peoples in a room)

(The BED)

The locals told us.. there isn't any banks around.. So how? The biggest Local Bank very good service to the local.. Every Tuesday, there is mini van will come to the town and peoples can perform all type of banking transaction... There isn't much peoples in the town, mostly is kids and elderly..

(Mini petrol station)

(Library - so surprise?)

A nice escape from the big concrete jungle... hehe
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