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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

2014 Christmas Decoration KLCC

This year KLCC Christmas decoration goes for simple but the GIANT Christmas Tree is the most attractive ever. Really huge and I think should be the biggest in Malaysia !!

Remember go visit it at night around 7.30pm so you can enjoy the light up and water fountain show. Its awesome view ever !!

Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Decoration fahrenheit 88


F88 decorated with giant teddy bear and big gift boxes. This remind me of Mid Valley's z'mas decoration few years back. Is it recycle from there? Anyway, it is still very good angle for teddy bear fan for photo shooting. 

I like the most is the teddy bear sitting at the air balloon. Instead using traditional christmas tree, the mall use the jingle ball to make the tree. Creative enough? You to jugde it. Purple colour really outstanding.

Fahrenheit 88 Teddy Bear
Main Entrance [Hello Kitty - by Kitchen]

Fahrenheit 88 KL
Main Entrance

Christmas 2014 KL
Main corridor towards Center Court

Christmas Decoration
Entrance of Toys for Joys

KL Christmas
Purple Jingle Ball Christmas Tree

KL Christmas

Christmas Decoration 2014
Hello Kitty welcoming YOU !!

Christmas KL 2014
Snow Man
Christmas 2014
The best shot by ME !! LOL

Christmas 2014 KL Shopping Mall
Giant Teddy Bear

Christmas KL 2014

Christmas 2014
Huge Cupcake with Giant Teddy Bear

KL 2014
Tiring bear

Christmas 2014
From up Up up !!

KL 2014 Festival
At ceiling

KL Christmas
At ceiling

Christmas KL 2014
At ceiling

KL Christmas

Fahrenheit 88 Christmas
Merry Christmas
A Wonderful Christmas 2014 !!!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mient's Burger at Port Dickson

Few months ago, I went to PD for 2 days 1 night with 1 girl friend. During at night, we unable to get food to eat and scare of those Chinese restaurant will kill the bill.. So she use fourquare apps to search for recommended good food.. We found a burger stall seems very high star !! Why not?

We use WAZE GPS to guide us through the road and it is easily can be found.. It just located at a row of Malays stall nearby Port Dickson Waterfront.. Some call it Foodcourt Oceanic Mall... 

When we arrived, quite crowded as that day is Thomas Cup final, Malaysia vs Japan... We ordered burger set which come with drinks.. Its took times to serve so if you feel damn hungry, please dont go as your main meal..

Mient's Burger Port Dickson
Burger Ayam Special
Burger Ayam Special is my favourite and sometimes if I will add cheese slice.. Look at the Pepper sauce? It is tempting? Yum yum !! The overall presentation is nice especially the bread is not being press... The meat very well grill with whereby they will put some soy sauce and white pepper..

Port Dickson
McD Ayam Burger
The chicken patty is different from those we had in Ramly's Burger Stall.. It copy McDonald's burger... So it is quite western but cook in eastern way.. Ermm.. I still prefer to original Ramly's style..

Cheesy Wedges
Cheezy Wedges
Mient's Burger
Mient's Burger Port Dickson
P/S - photo taken using HTX ONE X

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Haji Shariff's Cendol @ Seremban

My friend brought me to eat cendol at Seremban which claim is the best among the town. Its used to sell cendol using trishaw before opening this big restaurant. Imagine most customer come here just for a bowl of cendol.. 

Normal day, when I at KL or back to Ipoh, I didnt buy cendol to eat.. I only tasted Melaka Cendol which I think is the best.. I dont like cendol because its will look watery.. All the ice melted and left only cold water.

This shop is self service and its fast.. The staff make the cendol just in few second and you dont need to wait long even order.. When my friend brought the below cendol bowl in front of me, I was "wow" so old styles.. Then in my thought, ermmm... same watery cendol and why so white? ewwWWwww !!

famous seremban cendol
Cendol with Red Bean
But then when I spoon up all the ingredient, wow, look at the red bean !! Nice nice nice !! Even though looks abit white but the taste of brown sugar really good.. The aroma of it still good.. If the ice didnt melted that fast, will be more nice.. 

Had it in a very hot day, really my day cooling off.. Awesome !! worthy to give it a try... The price around RM1.50 to RM2.50.. You can add other like Corn or Pulut beside red bean..

I use wave GPS to guide me to this restaurant but too bad, its bring me to "GUNA PUN SESAT"..Actually the restaurant located at one of the main road at Seremban Town..

Haji Shariff’s Cendol
No. 44, Jalan Yam Tuan,
70000 Seremban.
Tel: 016 – 612 8505

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Australia Chicken Rice @ Gopeng

I never been to Australia and only tasted Malaysia roasted hainan chicken rice. So I'm not sure is this real Australia version of roasted chicken rice. Or the owner just simply create the name. Anyway, that's doesnt really a matter to me. 

I used to live in a small town named Gopeng whereby everything is limited. As I means not as much varieties compare to KL. Chicken Rice consider the most convenient food but hardly can find a good one especially Roasted.

There is a stall located in Lawan Kuda foodcourt operated by a family. This stall selling Roasted Chicken Rice and very good business especially during lunch time. 

The chicken is boneless, No matter you order with part (OK.. except chicken wing), they will remove the bone. So suitable for old folks with no teeth and kids too. If you dine-in, will added taugeh. But the chicken cut too small slices. So when eat, its doesnt feel like eating chicken rice. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Roasted Chicken Rice with taugeh
The chicken texture is soft and juicy. The skin is smooth and little crispy. You can tell whether this so called Roasted chicken is Roasted or Fry. Its not easy to roast a chicken as must control the fire very good. Skill is very important. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Chicken Rice
The chicken is not too butter or oily so its suitable for current people taste. There is slight aroma of ginger make the rice more fragrant and one spoonful isnt enough to taste. Accompanied with special made chilli sauce  and without it, eating chicken rice is incomplete. 

Roasted Chicken Rice
Australia Chicken Rice

A must is the special ginger paste. Ginger + Spring Onion + sesame oil. Oh gosh !! Perfect combination. 

Kopi Ice
The Chicken Rice only cost RM4.00, is this cheap? I think they just increase the price as few months ago, is about RM3.60 only.

P/S - photo shoot by HTC One X (wide screen)

Friday, December 5, 2014

Popiah at Big Tree Ipoh

Ipoh "Dai Shu Geok" or Big Tree Hawker Stall very famous of the yong liew. But there also other food that worth to try. 

POPIAH - a very healthy food whereby consist of fresh vegetables. Yum yum... Nowadays, quite hard to find delicious popiah. This stall is really worth to try and no regret.

The red sauce plus chili sauce is perfect combination. Added some crispy thing, you will feel "kriuk kriuk" when eating.. Thumbs up... 

Ipoh Food
Popiah at Big Tree Ipoh

Ipoh Food
Awesomely delicious Popiah

Ipoh Hawker
Popiah Stall at Big Tree Ipoh

P/S - Photo shoot by HTC One X

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Christmas Decoration Pavilion KL

The most popular festival of the year - Christmas is coming soon. Every year, each shopping mall will put their full effort to decorate the place so it will full of attraction. Pavilion KL is my first stop to check out x'mas decoration as it is nearer to me.

You can enjoy Christmas Magnificence at Pavilion KL from 15th Nov 2014 to 5th Jan 2015. There is one big Santa Claus Christmas tree at the center, snowmen, elves, Ferris Wheel and etc. There is magical light show at main entrance on 8pm daily.

Pavilion KL Christmas
Main Entrance

Pavilion KL
Main Entrance

Pavilion KL
Inside Center Court

Pavilion KL
Inside Mall

Pavilion KL
Center Court - Giant Santa Claus Christmas Tree

Pavilion KL Christmas
Animated Elves - carrying gift

Pavilion KL Christmas
Animated Elves - wrapping gift

Pavilion KL Chirstmas

Pavilion KL Christmas
Santa Claus

Pavilion KL Christmas
Huge gift

Pavilion KL Christmas
Huge Ribbon - stairway

Pavilion KL
Snow Bear

Pavilion KL
Another shot of little elves
Pavilion KL Christmas
Center View - from 4th Floor

Pavilion KL
Toward Fashion Walk

Pavilion KL

Pavilion KL
Merry Christmas
P/S - by HTC One X

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