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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hakka Yuen 客家苑 @ Taman Yulek

I bought this deal for RM28.00 2 pax... Hakka dishes.. The Lei Cha Rice is delicious... Compare to Ying Ker Lou which I think a bit overprice, this is far more better at affordable price... The Lei Cha is better and taste nice...

Lei Cha Rice
The Lei Cha Rice, is enough for 2 pax if small eater like my sister and me... The soup given is more than enough and doesnt need to top-up..

Fried Abacus
This is one of my favourite hakka dish... First time I ate when I study at Malacca few years back... This version include tiny dried shrimp, choy po and muk yee... The combination is perfect.. I think that day the cook put little too much on soy sauce, so quite salty.. probably added choy po make the saltiness increase..

Fried egg with basil leaf
Its a very normal dish whereby you can cook it at home.. Normally, we will fried the egg with basil leaf then boil soup... just so delicious... Eating like this still taste good but just a bit dry... By the way, is Basil leaf very easy to be found?

Fried eggplant with basil leaf
This is the first time I ate eggplant with basil leaf... The aroma of this dish so nice... Again, little salty.. the best eat with white rice.. Yummy Yummy...

My sister with little reluctant look for me to snap picture..
Definitely will go back to taste more in the menu... Always passing by this restaurant and crowded with people..You doesnt need to wait too long for the dishes to serve.. This is the best as waiting time is short..

You may call for reservation...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Unan Roti John @ Putrajaya (Closed)

Location : Istana Kehakiman Presint 3 Putrajaya (next to it have small kiosk)

Small Kiosk but famous at Putrajaya
Young guy operate this small kiosk.. Surprisingly, the food is good !! Damn good at reasonable price !! If the weather is great, not sunny and windy, perfect for relaxing while dining !!

Burger Ayam Special - RM3.30
Super delicious burger with 3 types of sauces - Mayonoise, chillie and black pepper.. The meat taste so good because they put the soy sauce and pepper to cook... I just drown into it when the first bite.. RM3.30 definitely cheaper than any stall at KL..

Chicken Roti John - RM4.00
One person really unable to finish this ROti John.. The meat + egg base quite thick too.. Normally, you wont able to taste the ingredient, but this one YES..I think the sauce a bit too much that cover the roti john taste.. so I can taste is chillie sauce.. If put little bit less, then will be perfect..

Papa and Sis enjoying the meal at relaxing place

So relaxing right the place?
Look at the place... It is perfect to sip a cup of coffee? Oh GOSH !!... Look like oversea... There isnt any umbrella for you to shade... So souly depends on the tree... GOD bless that day not sunny and windy.. so I can enjoy till the fullest...

I just too in love with this place.. If got coffee then perfect !!

I want the whole plate !!

Chicken Wrap Roti John - RM7.00
Wrap with omellete... This one more awesome.. with the egg wrap the whole roti john, the taste more good... I just in love with it... I definitely will come back on NIGHT... The guy said open daily until  about 12am... Saturday and Sunday definitely more crowded...

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Red BeanBag @ Publika

Coffee Coffee Coffee !!! its mushrooming around Klang Valley... Its a trend now to drink coffee with beautiful art !! I heard of Red BeanBag for quite some times and weekend always pack with people that craving for brunch...

Free Flow Water
I abit reluctant to drink it at first becuase its seems the bottle not that clean (at the top) and unsure how long the water already put there... Then my sister pour it to the glass.. I took a sip of it and just feel nothing.. LOL... It is a good idea to put the water at there? Or should serve the water when there is customer sitting at the table?

Lovely coffee art.. Its swan !! Its just so beautiful.. and the coffee is good... I means its better than those S franchise !!

Picolo Latte
My sister order picolo latte.. Frankly speaking, we still not sure how to drink coffee.. Just suit my taste then OK... Not really how to differentiate the taste between this and that...

My sister with her big breakfast

Two eggs make to order, one sausage, one hash brown, 3 slices of ham, baked bean, two slices of bread, sautee mushroom..

Egg Ben with Salmon and Toast Bread - Yuimmy

I like to poach egg so much.. YUMMY !!

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Cup Korean Food @ Pavilion KL (Closed)

Its a new concept of eating? Its new packaging? But definitely newly open at Pavilion.. 

Its quite stylist and fashionable... In Malaysia, we rarely see take away packing like this... Always when we watch Korean/Taiwan movie, you will see they use paper box to put the take-away food..  or when you watch Hollywood movie, when the people take-away Chinese food, its will be in paper cup.. I always wonder, why Malaysia doesnt have this? Plus paper is recyclable item.

THE CUP - seems make my wish come true.. I can be as stylist as the actor/actress in the movie.. LOL.. Aside from that, OF COURSE, food quality (taste and presentation) is very important... By the way, I'm eating the food not the packaging... 

Since craving for Korean Food, I choose THE CUP as I need to take-away and bring home.. So it very convenient to bring along because I'm taking LRT.. 

At the ordering counter
THE CUP comes with variety size - small, medium and large... I think mine is the small.. Large probably for SOUP based..

Two sets pack in one transparent plastic bag
Stylist? Yeah !! Pretty packaging... Let everyone see what inside... Dont jealous OK.. LOL

Two sets of Korean Meal
The set include main course + drink + kimchi.. Its not complete without kimchi.. That's is the best part of Korean Food !! Dont look small at that kimchi.. Its enough to satisfy your taste...
KimChi Fried Rice

Jja Jang Rice
 I dont know what ingredient but its taste good.. My dad love this,,  the gravy is more like soy sauce..

Am I look cool with THE CUP?
Overall, the taste is good.. But a bit pricey for me.... Actually I rather eat at Korean restaurant.. Almost same price and with alots side dishes... But now they do have deal at living social.. Do check it out if you wish to have a try.. at least once...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World Diabetes Day 2013

Date : 10th November 2013
Venue : Dataran Merdeka
Route : 7km/10km run and 5km walk
Organized by : Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society (MEMS)
Purpose : to increase diabetes awareness and prevention

Sorry for the late post !! 

I participate for 5km walk and its my first walkathon.. I manage to finish the 5km walkathon for about 50 minutes.. That day got light rain... The rain enough to make your hair all wet.... I quite satisfy my timing... Means more room for improvement... LOL..

As the the turnout, its really not that great.. its consider small scale of run event.. At the event, also provide simple health screening, free milo + 100 plus drinks... Overall consider OK but I dont like the staff/volunteer... They keep screaming/scolding at runners.... 

First scolding i encounter was when I just arrive at Dataran Merdeka.. Since got 15 minutes to flag off, and i'm just next to the start off point, I'm thinking to watch the 10km flag off first then only enter.. but the staff keep chasing me to enter the flag off point.. Sigh !! He said I cannot stand/gather at there... 

Second scolding, when I reach the finishing line, I'm queuing for certification.. I heard the staff yelling at everyone that medal already finish.. no more medal.. OK.. fine.. then he scold people, faster go there collect goodies bag.. no medal here... faster go there.. go go go... no medal no medal..

Third scolding, when I'm queuing for goodies bag.. the line moving slow.. out of sudden i heard a voice, come here, queue here.. faster take then go.. dont wait.. faster faster... sigh !!

I really wanted to tell those uncle, please calm down.. we come here to have fun... 

At starting point
Blue sea - run and walk with balloon

Beratur to get goodies bag

My sister doing glucose test
Drawing drawing drawing !!
My cousin and sister showing off their drawing

I'm at the stage - wet floor

My face drawing nice? LOL !!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

White Ribbon Run 2013

Date : 8th December 2013
Venue : Padang Merbok
Route : 7km run and 3km walk
Flag Off Time : 7.30am and 7.45am
Flag Off Venue : Padang Merbok
Finishing : Padang Merbok
Organized by : AWAM
Purpose : to create awareness of VIOLENCE toward WOMEN

This is my 2nd Charity Run for 2013 and my second last run... I have another run before I wrap up year 2013.. back to this White Ribbon Run... If you notice, different ribbon color represent different purpose.. Like AIDS is red ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness is pink ribbon.. I think these two ribbon colour is the most popular one... WHITE is for violent against women.. 

My eye very sore due to not enough sleep !!
MILO is the best drink after the RUN !!
All the main sponsor for the RUN !!

Finish 7KM at about 55 minutes

GOODIES BAG - the most precious is the ENERGY BAR

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JJ Lin Malaysia Concert 2013

So sad sad sad !! I'm so sad that I didnt win anything... I participate in two contests and my sister particpate in one... Both of us didnt win anything... haihzz.. luck really not at our side... :(

Anyway, JJ Lin, I hope your concert at Malaysia will be a real great success...

Below are our creative photo for the contest... But not that creative to win judges heart..

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