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Monday, February 24, 2014

Cactus Point Brinchang

Venue - Cactus Point Brinchang
Date - 7th February 2014 (CNY Day 8)

Cactus Point is free admission... Its not really exhibit the cactus species.. Actually its selling assorted plants and half of it selling mini size cactus... Its worthy to dropby too as this place has spacious parking space and not that crowded... If you from Kampung Raja heading towards Brinchang, its will be on your left... Dont miss the turning OK.. 

Cactus Point Brinchang
My dad and sister posing at the ENTRANCE

Cactus Point Brinchang
My dad with the mini cactus
Alots if variety cactus that offer for sell... Really good choice to dropby if you wish to buy cactus.... more that enough to adequate the demand...

Cactus Point Brinchang
My sister with awesome flower

Cactus Point Brinchang
My dad and sister with RED cactus flower

Cactus Point Brinchang
I'm so happy with the flower blossom

Cactus Point Brinchang
My dad and sister at GIANT cactus
This huge cactus is for display only.. Not for sales... In chinese feng shui, I heard cactus is not good due to the thorn... If you life not strong, then the thorn of cactus will bring harm to you... SO believe it or not? You decide..

Cactus Point Brinchang

Cactus Point Brinchang

Cactus Point Brinchang

Cactus Point Brinchang
Myself with cactus
Selfie with Kai Kung Fah
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Friday, February 21, 2014

BOH Tea Plantation Sungei Palas

Name : BOH Tea Plantation / Kedai BOH Teh 'ummPH!
Location : Sungei Palas, Cameron Highland
Date : 7th February 2014 (CNY Day 8)
Time : Around 4.30pm

We arrived just late and its just almost the time to close so I had great time driving in to the tea center... The road is in between the tea plantation and very narrow... The road only able to fit one car and some of the points able to fit two cars side by side... Imagine if it s on Peak Season day.. If you driving skill just so so only, dont try it... 

There will be a tour to around the tea production factory and its free.. Roughly the tour is about how to process the fresh/raw tea leaves become tea... After that, you can enjoy the mini exhibit about the equipments... You may enjoy a sip of Boh Tea with spectacular view which overlook the tea plantation... Then dropby at souvenir shop for a pack of BOH Tea (assorted packaging)..

This place is a MUST visit place at Cameron.. Beside the TEA PLANTATION... The tea center is location at the hilltop which overlook the tea mountain.. You will be amaze by the tea center building structure..  it is half hanging building structure.... Once, I saw this picture at one of the architecture magazine... 

My sister at Kedai Teh BOH Cameron Highland

My sister at Mini Exhibition
My sister at mini exhibition
My sister seems interested....
This weight scale is very traditional and beside weight Tea Leave.. I think old day, most of the heavy thing is using this type of scale.. Because I saw this at one of the rubber shop at my kampung when I'm still a kid... We used to step on it and play around... LOL... Nostalgia... 

My sister be my model !!

My sister at hilltop
 The view is aswesome and with the wind breeze pass your face... The weather is so chill... Really wish can take a nap here... lol... Could the time just stop for a second?

Tea TIME !!
Butter Lemon cake = RM4.00, Chocolate Roll = RM4.80 and Boh Teh Taril (a cup) = RM3.50... Too bad, this is 3 in 1..... WTF !! Why giive me 3 in 1? Totally fail... Due to closing time, a complimentary sandwich that cost about RM7.00+.... Yippie !!!! There is 6% GST !!

My dad and I with tired face !!

My sister, dad and I - selfie

My dad and sister outside shop


My dad and sister walking toward exit

I'm so happy at plantation

My sister want to pluck the young tea leaf !!

BOH Tea Centre Sungei Palas
I love here... I will dropby soon to spend more time at here.... Cool !!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

Date - 7th February 2014 (CNY Day 8)

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe located at Kampung Raja Cameron Highlands. If you are going to Cameron from Simpang Pulai, this is the first stop on your left side. So you definitely will not going to miss it. 

Its definitely my first stop each time we arrive at Cameron Highlands. After about hour drive uphill, stopby here definitely very refreshing... This farm is improvement each time, from strawberry to salad vegetable to lavender flower... Its a great place to start your journey at Cameron.... This time, I think I overspend my time at here.. about 2 hours...

Green View Garden
Green View Garden (Dad and I)

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender Section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender Section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Salad Vegetable section

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Moments - Cafe section

Strawberry Moments
Dad and I enjoying the desserts

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Cheesecake
Frankly speaking, the cheesecake really just so so but the strawberry is freaking fresh... Sorry.. I forgot the price for this piece.. Since you at Cameron, why dont give it a try?

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Strudel
Strawberry Strudel.. For desserts lover, you MUST try this... The strudel consist few thin layers and its crispy.. One bite, you can taste very strong butter flavour inside your months... I dont know how to eat this strudel.. Either you eat like BURGER or SANDWICH but you will spoilt the whole piece.. Or you eat layer by layer... Perfect combination Strudel + White whipped cream + strawberry + custard cream...

My sister truly enjoy the desserts
How could you not to dropby this place while you in Cameron Highlands !!!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle

MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodle - its a hot topic in the country now... Everywhere you go, people talking about this... Stock being snap just in second.. Demand increase tremendously and also the price.. First I heard RM4.80 per bundle, then now even got people selling at RM10.00 per bundle.. 1 bundle is 4 packs.. 

Previously available at Penang selected place like wet market or mini market.. Due to high demand, now also available around Malaysia but yet still selected store and limited stock.. Lucky you if got stock.. 

My friend manage to help me buy 2 bundles and finally I can give it a try...

Penang White Curry Noodle
Looks very normal like usual instant noddle.. The noodle just normal size like MAGGI mee or MAMEE mee.. The pack looks big only.. 

1 pack of chilli paste, 1 pack of non-diary creamer and 1 pack of seasoning powder.. Yeah.. not many instant noodle give chilli paste.. Probably this is the specialty of this noodle that stand out among all..

Original look - Penang White Curry Noodle

Originally the packing just come with 3 packs of seasoning and noodle... A lots people misunderstood that there is Tou Fu Pok or Prawn or Kerang inside... That is just extra side dish that people put into it...

You can smell very fragrant curry while cooking... I leave the bowl aside for a while, the smell really "wangi" that makes you want to eat it faster.... The taste really delicious.. You can feel it is very localize... Next time I will put half of the non-diary creamer... If put whole pack, its taste a bit milky for me... The noodle quite Q but can enhance it... 

Overall taste good.. Worthy to give it a try...

Anyway, how much you willing to fork out for this noodle as price increasingly quite much compare to the harga borong.. Well, its up to individual...


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vegetarian Restaurant Imperial Art Cottage

Date - 14th February 2014
Chap Goh Mei Dinner

This is my second visit at this restaurant.. You may view first experience by clicking here.. Truly affordable vegetarian restaurant...

My dad and me 
Due to chinese calendar is 15th day, we opt for vegetarian meal for our dinner... We are not vegan but I said I will try to eat vegetarian meal on 1st and 15th... Just try my best.. Normal day, we will also opt to more vege compare to all meat...

My sister with her new hair style
Dunplig Soup - RM7.90
The taste really the same as my last visit on Aug 2013.. Really maintaining well the quality of food... There are 5 pieces of dumpling... The soup base you can taste "Dong Kwai".. So your body can feel a bit heat... Good for blood circulation....

Fried Koey Teow - RM6.90
Surprisingly taste good... Yummy Yummy !! In chinese this fried hor fun call "Kon Chau Hor".. Something like dry fried noodle... Its smell good and really taste Kon Chau Hor... Even though no meat but its didnt tasteless.. Not oily at all... Healthy fried noodle...

Fu Yong Rice - RM6.90
 For non-vege restaurant, this Fu Yong Rice, the ingredient to fried this egg will be prawn, char siew and onion... So this is vege restaurant all that three is a NO... So here they use green bean...Top with tomato sauce... Its delicious.. Its quite a big bowl and the fried egg very thick... 

Curry Beancurd Rice - RM6.90
 Delicious.. The curry taste like indian curry.. Eat with white rice.. really yummy !!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Water Crest Valley Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is belongs to Pahang state.. All the while I thought is Perak because from my kampung, just took about 1 hour to reach... My father like to go there and mostly is day or half day trip... Especially when the new route started operate.. New route means from Simpang Pulai...

On 7th February 2014 @ CNY day 8, my dad, sister and I went for a short visit.. This is my first driving journey to Cameron.. I was a bit scare and not confident because the steep road.. But I want to give it a try... Yeah !!! Its not that difficult to drive to Cameron.. and that day was a perfect day due to not crowded... Easy for my dad to walk around with the walking stick... 

We took lunch at Water Crest Valley which is our favorite spot at Cameron Highlands... Its located at Tringkap and almost reach Brinchang.. My parent love the water crest there and I start to like water crest after taste it here... My mum like to boil water crest herbal tea or soup which I really dont like because of the smell and the taste of the vegetable.. Plus the thick "batang" when you bite it... its just so old... 

But at here, the water crest very young and doesnt have that strong taste.. So I like it.. plus the cooking style is different from what my mum use to cook... Beside here also has Charcoal Steamboat... Imagine, the weather so cold and windy, having the steamboat.. so perfect.. But provided you have the time.. Because charcoal is very slow for the food to cook well..

Water Crest Valley

On the way to the restaurant
 Well done daddy... Even its not easy for you to go down and get up.. You manage to do it with our support...

Water Cress Herbal Tea - RM5.00
The herbal tea too sweet for me.. If not overall I like it... Its seems quite a big cup.. I think sharing for 2 pax is enough.. Otherwise you will bringing half cup when leaving...

Fried WaterCress with Garlic - RM18.00
 There are three types which is Fried WaterCress with Garlic or Belacan or Beancurd.. You may order all three just for tasting purpose.. LOL...

Dumpling with WaterCress Soup - RM18.00
I recommend this especially if you like soup based... Its will warm your body at this cooling and windy weather.. The soup really nice and it doesnt salty... Very refreshing..

Fried Handmade mee - RM18.00
 Its looks instant maggi noodle to me.. But the taste OK... Not really recommended to order this...

Fried mushroom - RM18.00
The mushroom really big.. But too bad, it is not that crispy.. the boss recommend us to order this as the mushroom just pluck from farm.. RM18.00 for this plate, a bit expensive for me... 

My sister and dad...

The view is spectacular as you facing the watercress farm.. If you dining here, you may visit the farm and downstair for free... Otherwise you need to pay RM1.00

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