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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Simple Coffee @ Kampar Perak

Restaurant Name - Simple Coffee
Located - Bandar Baru Kampar (Next to Old Town)

The name already mention simple coffee.. The cafe mainly serve coffee, simple snack and limited choice of cakes... The decoration very attractive and its want to sip a coffee for relax... Its a good choice too... My cousin and I arrive around noon so not many people... Good for us to have a short chat...

Simple Coffee Kampar

Simple Coffee Kampar
Numbering tag
Simple Coffee Kampar
Coffee Type
 If you are beginner, you may look at this board to choose the coffee that suit your taste...

Simple Coffee Kampar
Lazying corner...

Simple Coffee Kampar

Simple Coffee Kampar
Latte - coffee flavour not that strong
Simple Coffee Kampar
Cappucino - I like to foam

Simple cafe with simple coffee... Even it is still not up to par.. but at this small town you can have a sip of this type of coffee yet price is consider reasonable.. Still acceptable...

Monday, April 21, 2014

MILO Breakfast Day Run 2014

Event - MILO Breakfast Day Run 2014 (Second Year)
Reason - Encourage people to take breakfast to start a day with positive energy
Venue - Perbadanan Purtajaya (Prescint 3)
Date - 20th April 2014 (Saturday)
Time - 7.30am (Flag off)
Distance - 8KM Competitive Run and 3KM Group Run
(Register is 8KM, but not sure why, at the end is 7KM run)
Fees - RM30 (8KM) & RM50 (3KM); Early bird discount RM10 off before 6th April 2014

Last year I missed out this RUN due to inconvenient location... This year MILO RUN is at Putrajaya... How can I miss it? I heard from friend who participated last year, its a great event with lot activities... RM20.00 for a run with unlimited MILO to drink.. 

I remembered during registration, I take 8KM competitive run.. But I re-check again the day before RUN, its become 7KM and the medal also printed as 7KM finisher medal.. huh.. why ah? Arrive around 7.10am and alots people already queuing at starting line... I about 2 minutes from the starting line... 

I took about 1 hour to finish the run and its quite bad timing compare to my previous MPIB run.. I still waiting the official timing to be out.. Hopefully not more than 59.00 minutes... 

Well, I admit I'm not physically fit to run and I hate running.. Why I run? Mainly want to force myself to exercise. Beside want to train my mental strength, determination and focus.. Through running, I can relax myself.. I think its best exercise for me so far... I still will continue run but within 10KM is fine..

I definitely will back again for this MILO RUN... Nice dry fit T shirt, RM3.00 food voucher, unlimited MILO drink, and lots of activities.. All these just RM20.00.. The most affordable and worthy RUN ever... MILO claim that day has 20,000 people.. WOW !!! no wonder its full of greenie... !!!

Run toward starting line - 7.30am

Queuing for finishing medal

Queuing for Goodies Bag

Posing at Finishing Line with my 7KM Finisher Medal

Breakfast in the middle of Putrajaya
MILO very considerate.. Provide a lots table and chair for people to enjoy their breakfast.. Thumbs up... Especially to the crew.. They clean up the table very fast so that its clean and clear for next people...

Free MILO cereal
Its this cool? Enjoying free MILO cereal and drink - unlimited in front of Jabatan Perdaftaran Negara, middle of Putrajaya... How often can you do this?

Free RM3.00 Food Voucher
RM3.00 you can buy 1 food (asam laksa and etc) or snack (mineral water/fruit).. Thanks MILO (NESTLE)

Enjoying my breakfast after the RUN

RM3 + RM3 for these !!

Is load with MILO powder?

Nazrudin Rahman?

Picnic area

My sister enjoying at PICNIC Area

My sister holding all freebies from the goodies bag

Freebies inside Goodies Bag
7KM finisher medal + Goodies bag
 Definitely I will join again next year for this MILO RUN....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Restaurant Joe Joe 食全食美

Even though Viva Home Mall doesnt have nothing to shop around but its my most hang out place nowadays.. WHY? LOL.. Its not crowded, cheap parking, easy to find parking lot and doesnt need to burn pocket if you want to have simple outing... Most importantly, wheelchair friendly... 

My sister told me that there is a restaurant at 1st floor and not crowded like Steam Room.. So why not give it a try? But its surprise that this time, whole restaurant pack with people... Why? After we sit down, we realise that its should change menu and boss as its looks different... Mostly is one person portion meal like fried rice or noodle.. So we just order as below and quite satisfy with the food too..

Restaurant Joe Joe
Restaurant Joe Joe Viva Home Mall

Restaurant Joe Joe
 The dessert doesnt taste food.. Its more like sugar water to me... I can boil better than this..

Restaurant Joe Joe
Belacan Fried Rice

Restaurant Joe Joe
Singapore Fried Beehoon
Restaurant Joe Joe
XO Fried Rice
Restaurant Joe Joe
My dad enjoying the food
Food just so so only... Probably will not re-visit again if happen to at Viva Home.. There is other choice with similar price and better taste...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Madam Lim's Kitchen @ AEON Taman Maluri

Restaurant - Madam Lim's Kitchen
Located at AEON Taman Maluri Cheras

Since I need to bring my dad (with wheelchair) to eat, choice of places really limited. I always fancy with "tai chau" means chinese food but affordable price... My sister suggested one restaurant at JJ Maluri (formerly known).. Yeah !! We visited this restaurant few years back and taste good...

Re-visited two weeks ago and food quality still good... Crowded with people and service is good aka fast...

Madam Lim's Kitchen
Madam Lim's Kitchen

Madam Lim's Kitchen
Jasmine Tea and Ice Lemon Tea
Madam Lim's Kitchen
Mix Vegetable - RM9.90

Madam Lim's Kitchen
Kam Heong Fish - RM9.90
Madam Lim's Kitchen
Seaweed Soup - RM9.90

All portion is small and 3 dishes really enough for 3/4 persons... Doesnt need to burn your money and still can satisfy the hunger... GOOD !!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gangnam Station @ Sungai Wang Plaza

Heard of Oppa Gangnam Style? yeah !! I'm not sure this Gangnam Station is related to PSY but its a korean restaurant located at 6th Floor Sungai Wang Plaza...

I bought a voucher cost RM29.00 for 3 person to dine-in and consists of :-

1. Spicy Korean BBQ set (choose between PORK or CHICKEN)
2. Three side dishes (max 1 refill)
3. Vegetable
4. Steam Egg
5. Kimchi Fried Rice
6. Green Tea

Since unable to find 3rd person to share the meal, my sister and I need to "kosongkan" our stomach to fill up 3 persons portion... lol... Really full due to the portion really can fit 3 persons and if small eater then can fit 4 peoples....

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Interior Gangnam Station
The interior looks simple and youngster feel.... Decorated with few famous Korean artist and group like Big Bang... There is a long blackboard for customer to write whatever they wishes...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
A bottle of warm Green Tea
Its provide a roasted rice green tea... nice to drink after heavy meals... Its refillable as just pour hot water only...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Steam Egg
 I like steam egg.. There is different kind of steam egg among Chinese, Japanese and even Korean... All has their own unique.... In love with Korean steam egg... Wonder how they do it?

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Fresh Vegetable
 Even though I didnt order BBQ, but this free vegetable I pair with the spicy bbq set, just nice...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Gochujang samgyeobsal (PORK)
A little disappointment as I thought we got chance to cook it ourselves... Unfortunately, the waitress help us to cook at another side.... By the way, this portion really enough for more than 2 pax... Ingredient consist cabbage, carrot, pork, rice cake and onion... Its super delicious.... No regret I order the PORK... 
Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Kimchi Fried Rice
This fried rice is yummy but if you like seaweed... The seaweed taste too strong until overcome the kimchi taste.. The rice too soft until its mixed together... I think they use fresh rice to fried this.. Fresh means just cook and within a minutes they fried it... Too much water...

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
My sister - not sure what expression

Gangnam Station Sungai Wang
Pork pair with fresh vege
 The normal price for this set is RM35.00... I think its worthy and enough to fit 4 girls with small eating... :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

三间庄猪肉丸粉 @ Jalan Ipoh

My first taste of this type Pork Noodle at Win Heng Seng Jalan Imbi and delicious but just a little salty.. Otherwise no complain..

My cousin always told me there is one super delicious pork noodle around her area and claim to be ONLY ONE without other branch... I wonder what type of pork noodle until like so many AA version outside...

Finally able to dropby... Ohhh.... I told my cousin, just exactly like what I had at Jalan Imbi.. But the taste far away different from the one I had... This one taste more porkie because they use pork oil.. Taste not that heavy...

The saltiness - I rate 3 for this and 7 for Jalan Imbi.. So which one you prefer?

Stall outlook
23 Hours operation
Pork Noodle
Pork Ball
Dry version
 The best is DRY version so minced pork can mix well with the soy sauce and taste better...
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