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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kedai Chua Soon Hup Melaka

Whenever I visit Melaka, I will go Kedai Chua Soon Hup located at Jonker Street (Jalan Tokong). Its quite easily spot. If you know where is the stage for perfomance, then you can see the shop.

Its sell varieties of stuff such as noodle (one of Melaka specialties), gula melaka, red / green bean, cincaluk and etc at very very reasonable price. Beside its price very competitive, the quality of the product also very good. In my opinion, the best in Jonker street. Friendly and fast service.

Chua Soon Hup
Chua Soon Hup

Red Bean

Jonker Street

I already bought one year supply of the noodle. Varities of shape noodle, thin, flat, thick and so on... I like the nyonya curry powder. Its has different kind of taste compare to normal curry powder we bought in KL or Ipoh. One big packet only about RM5.00 (plus / minus). My sister like to use it to marinate chicken / pork and fried it. OMG !! So yummy.

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