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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

GoodBye 2008 !!

2008 is not a really good year for me.. having like a rollercoaster life throughout the year.. ups and downs... left and right... with the positive thinking everything still in control... even though its been a tough year for me.. but its added a little spice in my journey of life.. EXPERIENCE.. its really priceless whereby cant get anywhere....

TATA !!!.....

Little Taiwan - Sg Wang !!

wow.. i'm free advertise for two places at once.. hmm.. but nvm la.. everyone happy.. hahaha.....

1st time drop my butt for this place.. give my mouth for the food... nothing a big shout for me this place.. by scan through the menu.. really regret to butt in lo.. hehehe.. but at least can relax my foot lo.. so just simply order sth to eat la...

(Honey Dew and Champane milk tea - tooo tooo sweet)

(Taiwan burger - the bun not soft)

(this one OK... )

Overall for me.. a bit expensive for the food quality... so no more next visit...

Shopping craze !!

Went to shopping on Christmas day since nothing to do.... but out of my expectation, this shopping empty my pocket.. walau eh... so my CNY shopping for my own is done.. really DONE...

(Assorted shopping bag.. look at it also know which one is brand lo hor)

(Assorted colour and style)

apapapapa brand also got.. as i'm not really go for brand.. important is cheap and comfortable.. as fashion changing so fast.. so no need wear for so many years de.... all these.. most expensive is RM26.90 and the cheapest is RM9.90... p/s - the spec is RM5.00 (for decoration while photographing)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Celebration !!

This year x'mas i dont have much time to hang around all the malls to enjoy the decorations.. so happen bump into ONE U and PAvillion a while.. so manage to snap some pic of 2008 x'mas decor.. hmm...

(All the above is from One U)

(Personal thinking - the most ugly x'mas tree - Pavillion)

This year my x'mas quite happening... there is two exchange gifts goin on.. 1st is with my colleagues which cost RM30.00 and 2nd on is with my ex-collleagues which cost RM15.00.. Celebrate x'mas eve at my frenz house party till 2am.. all the nice food, wine, jokes and gifts... its so much fun....

(I want all those gifts)

(got a little box - wonder what is it?)

(food food food !! half finish !!)

(The most delicious homemade spagetti)

(all the x'mas gifts belongs to me and my sister)

(Bought these two little gifts for the exchange ceremony)

So nice partying at my frenz house.. thanks for inviting me.. i'm really have fun that x'mas eve..

My lovely younger sister BIGDAY !!

This is delay post.. My sister birthday is on 18th Dec... just a bit lazy recently to blogging so i got many many overdue POSTING.. will be coming soon !!!

Happy Pig Day to my lovely younger sis... I bought her BREAD TALK's macha macha cake.. Suppose LAVENDER but too expensive so change bakery lo... frankly speaking.. this macha macha really cannot compare to the L = green tea lo.. arghhh.. why so expensive de.. !!

(Packing slightly different from those traditional one)

(macha macha - green tea + red bean)

(Birthday girl blowing the ONLY one candle)

(faster cut la.. still posing - haha)

(finally grab a bite of it - wow !!)

(The PigDay present !! so damn lots)

Get older a year jor.. so my lovely little sister.. wish u pretty pretty pretty forever... hiak hiak hiak...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Totally Broke !!

I'm so broke.. totally broke.. why why why?? why this thing happen again?? Am i going to repeat my faith as last year???

This month is festive month.. so much weddings and so much celebration.. so much gifts and so much presents... so much so much... why at this month??

Last year i'm very broke at the end of 2007 until early 2008.. then my whole year luck is faded month by month.. seems like whole 2008 is something wrong for me.. just nothing is right.. sigh !! i hate 2008.. Many people like 2008 because of the number "8".. but but.. this 2008 for me is totally BROKE year...

Am I going to repeat this "nasib" for the year of 2009?? I really dont wish that... Please.. reduce celebration, reduce wedding and everything reduce ok.. I want my life back..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sam Poh Tong - Ipoh !!

Cont my CAVING day at Ipoh during HAJI Holiday..

Sam Poh Tong... I'm sure nobody dont know about this cave as this is one of the symbolic cave at Ipoh... This cave consist of few temples in a row.. This cave just located at the main road and its easily found...

There is big and small animals for you to posing with them... hehehe.... got Monkey King and Zhu Pai Kai.. Of course my favourite is the sheep lo.. my represent ah...

Monkey King's house lo.. Shui Lim Tong !! hehe.. Finally i can get there without flying wor... izzit nice?? My dad very relaxing sit under the big flower tree.. and my mom almost fall asleep.. hehe..

Wish everyone of us got our Mr. Right at the right time and at the right place... hehehe... All the best for 2009... yeah !!!!

This is the first temple at SAM POH TONG.. along the same row there another two temples at the end... also got tortoise pond lo.. nice nice..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kek Lok Tong - Ipoh

Cont my post for caving at Ipoh during Haji holiday...

Think of Ipoh, think of Leng Lui, delicious food and importantly is CAVE... there is so many cave around Ipoh and worth to dropby for a short visit... Beside temple in the cave there also other caving activities such as offer by GUA TEMPURUNG.... the limestone is so unique which you will be so amaze by it beauty...

Its so cooling and relaxing while walking around the cave.... its been a long time I never dropby at this cave... this cave quite hidden place and its not near to the main road.. so surprisingly I saw a lots of visitors... proven this place already capture in many people's heart... including me..

(There is big "tasik" at the back of the cave)

(Frog's leave with the nice pose - haha)

(nice cave and very relaxing.. its so windy)

Just get a place around the cave and sit down.. enjoying the wind blowing.. its so so relaxing and cooling.... I almost fall asleep.. just nice....

There are some cute species of flower around the cave... enjoy the limestone and the whole environment.... HOW MANY PEOPLE TREASURE SUCH NATURE????

Most of people so fascinate about New Building, New Shopping Mall, New Cafe in the concrete world.. how about our nature?? If there is no nature.. will it be US??? Those are grass, those are just ordinary flower and those just can be foudn nearby my house... !! HOW MANY OF US REALLY STOPBY AND TAKE A CLEAR LOOK ABOUT OUR NATURE??
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