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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Langkap Pau

Long long time ago, I told my friend about Langkap Pau... he keep chasing me about this one.. without photo, I hardly explain to him and he also hardly understand... back to home on Chinese New Year, specially dropby this foodcourt at Gunung Rapat and ordered one Langkap Pau...

I'm not sure whether this one origin from Langkap or not... By the way, Langkap is at Perak.. Its located in between Kampar and Teluk Intan... There are many flavour such as redbean, kaya, pandan, chocolate and so on and so fort..

My choice as the picture above, is Pumpkin... Frankly speaking, I cant taste the pumpkin.. a bit like eating "mantau"... The price is RM1.00... so for me a bit expensive la.. coz a bit tasteless... what so special?? Judge yourself la...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tenji Japanese Restaurant (Closed)

Venue : Tenji Japanese Restaurant
Date 22.02.2009
Place : SOHO KL, Solaris Mont Kiara
Purpose : Gathering and new food hunting
Peoples : Jane, Elvies, Carmen, Candy, Frentzen and last but not least ME

Received forwarded email about this new place... Its been long waiting for me to visit this place.. Since last year December, after saw the email, and with promotions on goin.. really hard to book for a place... Saw few blogs and seems very interesting... Peoples are comparing this TENJI with JOGOYA... hmmm.... some said better some said worst... I never been to "J" so very hard to imagine...

Before I went to this Tenji, I really feel excited and put a high hope on it.. because everyone said TENJI is better and more worthy than JOGOYA.... really lo... "TOO HIGH HOPE COMES WITH BIG DISAPPOINTMENT"... after spend my 4 hours at TENJI.. I dont feel want to go there anymore... its super duper not worth the price I paid for.. and dont mention "J".. even I think SHOGUN is much better...

(Chocolate Fondue - Are this Japanese food?)

(Varieties of desert - WOW)

(Tiramisu - yummy)

(Assorted sashimi, sushi and tempura)

Beside those well-prepared food and you can take as many as you can.. there are some food you need to order and the waitress/waiter will send it to your table... how? Just put a number clip at the food you want to order... then the food will be send to your table accordingly to the number clip you put.... food will serve about 15 minutes....


(Spicy Miso Soba)

(Not sure this name)

(Mini Prawn)

(Salmon Roll)

(Assorted Steam Fish)

(Siu Pak Choy)

Beside the OYSTER.. I dont think this japanese restaurant worthy for me to re-visit again... Frankly speaking, the oyster really as big as my hand palm lo.... I dont think even "J" can find it.. the normal "chawamushi" its not available.. what a big disappointment for me.. the basic basic "a must" at japanese menu... haihz...

(Assorted fruits - love melon)

(Delicious coconut - 9 lo.. )

There is few sections available, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Dessert.. but overall the food really nothing much choice... The main is Japanese but compare to Shogun or Saisaki.. Tenji definitely not the choice lo... I love tenpayaki.. but their tenpayaki really make me headache.. haihzz... another disappointment la.. and and... no GREENTEA ice-cream. and GreenTea.. apa lah... Japanese Restaurant wor... haihz..

Overall, OK and so so only.. not so grand and so hu ha as mention in the forward email... anyway.. I got nice gathering with my friends.. hehehe....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kentucky Fried Chicken - KFC

Finger Licking Good !!

This is forever my favourite.. KFC... yuhuuuuu !!!

This morning, went to KFC for breakfast... Since its breakfast set introduce, I never got the chance to try it out.. Got a coupon for the set RM3.90 and normal price is RM5.90.. so why not give it a try right??... yeah yeah....

The burger not that big... a bit small than the normal size... but for breakfast.. I think more than enough.. there is a choice for coffee or tea.. free refill also... I arrive quite late.. about 10.45am.. so I dont have a chance to refill already... the breakfast set end at 11.00am.. where after that the normal set will start...

Among all the fast foods, KFC is my favourite since I was a kid... simply the best... I had try all their menu.. and almost most of them I like it.. whenever there is new menu... I definitely so excited to try it out.... hehe...

(Spicy - my favourite is "ORIGINAL")

(Latest menu - cheezy fries)

Forever KFC... yuhuuuuuu !!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are you affected by ECONOMY downturn?

How bad is the economy now? You and me know the answer.. But our beloved PM always said M'sia no effect.. That's y they more busy at "how to get more power" rather than concentrated on building the economy...

Since last mid of last, been hearing the "wind" or economy crisis... there are a lots of symptons such as inflation rate, increase in price of everything, the fluctuation of "whatever" rate, retrenchment and etc etc... Company trying their best to cut COST so that the effect wont that BIG... but doesn't that really HELP? cutting those small cost doesn't really help much as there should be an UMBRELLA for the raining day... unfortunately there isn't...

Y'day my boss told us some way to cut cost.. this will be implement by the whole company...

1. switch off all light and air-con during lunch time..
2. recycle the paper (for internal use)
3. recycle those envelope (for internal use)

Yup.. nowadays should be paperless... y still so many printout?? cutting all these electricity and paper for whole company doesn't help in covering one expenses for a DIRECTOR... so doesn't this improve the situation??? haihzzz....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Are Tagged !

Tag by Borneo Falcon

1. Have you ever been on TV?
NOPE as I know.. may be appear in candid camera also not sure.. hahaha..

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Singing Competition consider public ah???? but very small de wor...

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
Dyed hair but not really blond..

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
"Tian Kai" consider ah?

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
errrmmmm...... NOPE

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
NEVER.. myself only..

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes.. all the time..

I'm tagging Mandy and Catherine only....

Monday, February 16, 2009

BellyGOOD - Sunway

Y'day while chatting with my friend about "whatever" topic.. suddenly my friend recommend me a nice restaurant for PORK lover... wow... so out of sudden we decide to go for it as the food seems very seducing... Previously is Wendy's Bistro and now at this moment - change name to "BellyGood".. definitely a paradise for all PORK lover..

I didn't look at the menu that much as my friend already recommend me the BEST already... since my friend already decide.. already ease my headache.. hehehe... Almost 90% of the menu is PORK.. got pork chop, sausage and etc.. wow.. really nice..

(Pork Belly)

(Pork Rib and Pork Belly)

Frankly speaking, these two sets about RM25.00.. for me consider a bit expensive.. but hor.. the taste of the pork really nice lo.. the meat so tender and juicy... definitely a nice place to enjoy the PORK..

The restaurant very nice and cozy... one thing i dont like is the "Half Open Kitchen".. the air-con not that cool and the hot air blowing out from the kitchen really spoilt the whole environment.. If not then will be more perfect..

Difinitely will go again as I wanna try others in the Menu and i got RM10.00 voucher.. hehehe...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ballzaction - Sphereing - Titiwangsa Lake

Went to Sphereing at Titiwangsa Lake... 20 friends gather at Titiwangsa at about 9am waiting to experience this very new activity at Malaysia. So excited for it... I'm the first pair to try lo...

what is Sphereing - the ballz in action? Or another name is Zorbing... Two peoples inside the giant double layer balls and roll down hills.. Why need 2 peoples? Because of balancing... The experience is really hard to explain in word.. You need to experience yourself only know how the exactly feeling... Common reaction is screams of laughter and ending with smiles and tears of joy..

(jump in the BALLZ)

There are two ways to enjoying the ride.. WET and DRY... For wet ride, will pour in some water into the ball.. when the ballz roll down the hil.. the rider will be get wet... Dry of course wont get wet lo.. hehe....

(Before & After)

Since it is not so steep (curam).. its need people to push the Ballz down to the hill... my experience is rolling and rolling.. water and water... after about 3 rolling.. my brain asking "when will arrive? I dont want water any more".. hahaha.. The whole rolling take about 20 seconds.. the length is 60 metres...

Mr. CJ our coordinator told us.. GEMAS, newly opened their branch, the length of the route is 250 metres and 35 degrees.. and will be bouncy bouncy... that one no need people pushing the ballzz... after took this 60 m ride.. definitely will want to try that 250m... hehe...

(Get set... 1..2..3.. GO !!!!)

(getting out the ballz and laughter of joy)

Beside the Zorbing, GacGaroo - the kangaroo jump is definitely can satisfy your extreme excitement... Its not easy to balancing... but all the coordinator is super "geng"... with their guidance.. everything can be happen... About 10 minutes if guidance, you can at least walk around without any support.. seems easy?? not as you think..

Recommended source - Ballzaction - Sphereing, FirstInMalaysia

Dont wait.. go extreme !!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine 2009

Wishing everyone Happy Valentine Day !!!...

Went to Pyramid and hang around there for almost a day... saw many couple around... some girls holding a bonquet of flower... i'm thinking.. why the girls want to bring along the flower?? many said, the boys bought it at the MALL ma.. so have to bring together... hmmmm.... orelse wanna show off???? hahaha.....

Why everyone want to celebration Valentine Day?? other day cannot be Valentine day?? only at Valentine Day can eat better, give present, or buy flower??? Why need to spend so much at Valentine?? Normal day RM2.00 per rose - nobody buy.... but at Valentine RM20 per rose also got people buy.... what for??? I really cannot see the important to celebrate valentine...

If the couple love each other.. everyday also a Valentine... hahaha..... sorry... my own thinking only...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday 13th

Today is 13.02.2009 and its FRIDAY !!...

At first I didn't realize it... but when listen to radio at night.. suddenly the DJ mention about Black Friday.... ohh.. yeah hor.... 13th the Friday... is black friday... that is what AMERICAN's said... Its legendary la... on this these, there will be many many "no good" things will happen.... but its depends also la... but I hope those unlucky things only happen to minor portion of individual... dont happen any big disaster la...
blessing blessing... !!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009

How my CNY celebration this year?? Refresh my memory back.... really nothing much about this year CNY.... Since I started working on CNY 3.. so I missed quite a number of gathering with relatives... so no much big big meals for me.... I didn't feel much about CNY environment.. except getting angpow and see mother busy praying here and there..... Yee Sang I only had two... One with Family and another with colleagues..

I want to ask my mum permission to allow me to go travel during CNY for coming year.. I'm so boring la.... hehhehehe.. !!! But whatever also.. CNY must stay at home be with family.... like that only "meriah"...

(some decoration at office)

(Aunties "berebut-rebut" for the "shon")

(CNY special -ginger as big as my hand)

(Temple at Ipoh - yearly task)

(Two selections - plain or flower)

(Another selection of showing ur heart to GOD)

(Table setting for "CHOY SAN")

This small tree very difficult to get the flower.. I think more than 10 years I didn't see this small trees got flower.... I think lucky coming to my family.. this year CNY.. extra special that this small trees got star start flower....

(Me and MV during CNY 3)
This year CNY keep on raining... From the eve tilll CNY 5 or 6... then only started to feel the heat... good or bad?? Normally weather during CNY very hot de.. raining can get cooling a bit... but make all the movement very slow.... so since its rainny day.. I sleep sleep sleep all day long.... so lazy hor... hahaha....

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