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Monday, March 31, 2014

Thirsty Run 2014

Event - Thirsty Run 2014
Tag - We Run for Water
Venue - Dataran Petaling Jaya
Date - 22th March 2014 (Saturday)
Time - 7.30am (Flag off)
Distance - 7KM and 3KM
Fees - RM35 (7km) & RM25 (3km); Early bird discount RM5 off before 20th January 2014

What so interesting about this RUN? I attract to the MEDAL.. Beside this, I never run at this location before... So happen, Klang Valley exprience water shortage that goes to water rationing.. So Thirsty Run really create awareness... This is small run so not much people participate...

Thirsty Run 2014
Starting line for 7KM at 7.30am

Thirsty Run 2014
  I saw this girl while walking up a steep... Cool !! Praying for MH370... Yeah.. Keep the HOPE up up up !!!

Thirsty Run 2014
I didnt feeling well so my timing not as good as previous RUN.. I manage to finish 7KM about 55 minutes.. Very slow right? Yeah !! 

Thirsty Run 2014

Thirsty Run 2014
I Ran For Water !!
Thirsty Run 2014
We want clean and continuous water supply !!
Thirsty Run 2014
Goodies Bag with finishing medal !!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Life without Water !!

Its so happen that I'm joining Thirty Run at Petaling Jaya coming Sunday (22nd March 2014).. and now most of KL/Selangor area under rationing water supply.... 

In this modern day, its very sad that our country has very poor water supply management... Plus these few weeks the weather is extremely hot.. haihzzz... 

Life without water really terrible.. I, myself experience it for 1 month with water supply in January 2013.. Is this a joke that its consider annual event? OMG !!!

Mamak Stall with Paper plate/cup
I try to avoid restaurant/stall around my area due to not sure where they get the water to cook food... Since one of the mamak stall start using paper cup and plate... haihzzz.. Cost increasing, will they increase the food price???

Home food more... But no water to water kitchen utensil... Haihzzzz...

Monday, March 3, 2014

Restaurant Yew Ming

Restaurant Yew Ming located at Ipoh Old Town (nearby MBB).. Its might not that noticeable because its quite old shop... Once you try it, you will definitely dropby again.. But abit pricey as the dishes just very normal like homecook...

Most of the dishes taste quite salty if you just eat like that... But since it eat with porridge so the taste is ngam ngam delicious... Its a teo chew restaurant run by an uncle who love to dance... The boss, the cook, the waitress/waiter and the cashier all is above 60 years old at least...

Restaurant Yew Ming
Restaurant Yew Ming

Restaurant Yew Ming
Partly Kitchen - Choping part
Restaurant Yew Ming
Menu on the wall
 Its handwritten menu that place at the wall... Regular customer will know what they want to eat... Or if you are first time, the boss very happy to recommend to you.. Friendly service..

Restaurant Yew Ming
Choy Po Egg
This is so good... The egg fried is just about 70% cook... If 100% its will dry... The texture is smooth and soft... Yummy Yummy... Just a little too oily... Otherwise no critic..  Choy Po is preserved salted turnip...

Restaurant Yew Ming
Fish Cake
Is a MUST to order this fish cake... Its delicious and QQ... The best eat immediately when serve due to still hot or warm.. So when you bite, you will feel crispy outside.. 

Restaurant Yew Ming
Steam Fish
This is a hot selling dish at this restaurant.. And this is what I come here for.. Look simple but taste good... Its not steam whole fish.. Just the fish slice with tau chu sauce... The fish very smooth until like tofu... Yummy...

Restaurant Yew Ming
Kai Lan Fried with Roasted Pork
You can never has this type of fried vegetable especially at those fancy restaurant.. The taste really like homecook... Its just so delicious...  You can feel it just so localized dishes where you will think back your kampung lifestyle...

Restaurant Yew Ming
Cashier Counter

Restaurant Yew Ming
My sister and daddy

Restaurant Yew Ming
My dad and I
Totally we spend about RM70++... really expensive right? YUP... truly expensive... I'm not sure if they calculate wrongly as my sister didnt ask for the bill.. May be next time we should ask for the bill to check roughly how much... 

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