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Friday, December 4, 2015

Hospital Kuala Lumpur Canteen

I'm not really fancy of food at Hospital. I always go to Hospital due to my parent's checkup or follow-up treatment. Mainly at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh. The food at the canteen really quite disappointed and just to satisfy the hunger. 

But recently, my father's check-up transfer to HKL, and as I know, there are two canteens at HKL. One at Bangunan baru Pakar and another at new parking building.. Oh yeah, now HKL will not offer any free parking. There is new parking building which offer thousand parking bay (I think - about 5 floors) with quite cheap parking fee. If not mistaken, first 3 hours is RM2 and subsequent hour is RM1.00. 

The food at the canteen located at new parking building quite good. OK lah with that kind of place with such pricing. In total there are 4 stalls which selling types of food not conflict with each other. Harmony !!

Stall 1 - Drinks
Stall 2 - Mixed rice
Stall 3 - Variety of noodle
Stall 4 - Snack (nugget / sandwich / kuih muih)

Hereby the food I ate that day :-

Pa said am I handsome?

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Mee Rebus - RM3.50

This mee rebus taste spicy and with RM3.50 this portion just suitable to a small bite. If you extra hungry, two plates please.
Got few cubes of tofu, few slices of potato, taugeh and half hard boiled egg. Good

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Mee Curry - RM3.50

Wow - look at the ingredient !! So many right? Pretty good deal and taste good too. 

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Teh O Ais Limau - RM1.70

Teh O Ais Limau a very common drink which everyone used to order nowadays. This one taste quite diluted as the tea not strong enough. But the limau flavour is good. 

Canteen with 4 stalls

Hospital Kuala Lumpur
Outside Canteen
Oh another one is the nugget / hotdog / fishball per stick of 3 pieces is RM1.00, Karipad / Kuih muih is RM0.50 per piece.

Overall, if you wants to have a little bite while waiting the time (waiting at least 2 hours for blood test report), then here is the best place and if you dont wish to go outside HKL. Do sit nearby the window for better air.

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