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Saturday, January 7, 2023

Keung To - My Most Favourite Singer

Happy New Year !! Hope 2023 will be a great year ahead. 

Through 3 years of Covid-19 pandemic really not easy period to go through. I'm didnt expect the world can be like this. 

Before, I used to live like normal life. Sleep, Eat, Play, Travel, Sport and etc. But this 3 years really make life upside down. Especially in mid year 2021 where seems cant see the end of dark tunnel. Even entering year 2022, emotion still very unstable due feeling lack of security is stronger. 

I'm happy when I'm see you - Keung To. 

Listening his music, watching his MV, watching his related video, checking IGs and TG about his news.

These are my must do daily activities since August 2022 until now. And now my heart fully conquer by him. 

Question - Why I like him so much now? 

Frankly speaking, if you dont know him, you wont understand me as a fans. 

His music is different from others. If you still listen to oldies HK's canto songs, then you wont like Keung To's songs. His songs deliver a very good message. For example

作品的說話 , this song message is LOVE and PEACE. The MV is directed by himself

This song is talking about himself as celebrity life and what he gone through these few years. So in love the MV and his dance move. 

Dearest Keung To,
Hope you take your time to rest and get well soon. Hope you really get well 100% only , make a greatest comeback. Dont need to rush. You still have a long long way to run. 

Thanks for your special appearance at 叱咤 . Your performance for 鏡中鏡 really awesome. i can feel your power and passion in the stage. I'm truly like it. 

You dont need to care those negative comments that bomb in all over social media. Take it as motivation and improve it. Its good to have these harsh comment so that you know your weakness. 

Your truly fans will surely backup you at anytime and anywhere. 

Be waiting your 11th , 12th , 13th , 14th , 15th BB

Remember your promise [I'm Back]

P/S - all photos took from Internet various source. I'm not sure who is the original owner. If you are the one, you can let me know so that I can tag you back. 

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  1. He is a good singer with a special good voice and strengh.


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