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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Location : Jalan Yap Kwan Seng
Date : 30th March 2010
Attendee : Me and "U"

Heard about this cafe quite few times... And quite curious with the food and especially the decor.. So "U" decide to pay a visit to it...

The environment quite good for frenz gathering or any function... beside quite a romantic place for couple to catch their time... The overall decor is white in colour... Frankly speaking, this cafe doesn't really for FOOD... but the food quite ok.. just the menu a bit little of selection... The lunch set is quite reasonable price.. may be dropby for the lunch set is a better choice...


(Lavender + Lemon Grape Apple)

(Prawn Salad)

(Chicken Tenderloin)

(Chicken ...)

I'm not sure "U" satisfied the meal or not... But for me.. plus the decor.. consider OK... especially the price not that cheap la.. once a while then not bad de la... AFter the dinner, we walk around the cafe and snap some photos.. whereas many ppl do the same also... I really enjoying seeing "U" snapping photos...

Anyway, a nice experience.. Definitely will dropby for second visit.. probably another outlet..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thanks "U"

First time felt sick in front of "U"..

Its happen yesterday [24/03/2010]. Early morning woke up, I felt my throat so pain and a bit fever.. Wanted to MC but thinking of work then cancel that mind.. so get myself dress up and ready to office.. feel dont want to inform "U" but scare later u get angry.. coz I dont want to bother "U" that much.. But I better be honest..

Arrived office, my sickness increasing so no choice but seek for doctor advice.. Never thought panel doctor will issued MC.. But doesnt feel want to apply that MC as my section doesn't seems enough ppl to support.. I feel that I quite "pening" and "U" insist me to MC so ok la..

But never thought you taking half day leave because of my little sickness.. I'm really happy that "U" concern about me that much.. at the other way, I'm worry that am I that worthy for "U" to do that? "U" taking care me very well.. I feel myself giving you much trouble..
I feel i'm top of the world.. feel the happiness around me.. "U" really bring joy to my world !!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SnowFlake Taiwanese Dessert - Pavillion

Date : 7th March 2010

This is second visit for this dessert.. its really taste good.. RM5.90 only.. quite a big bowl.. can share for two... its cold and hot choices... its really tasty.. have a try if there is chance...

After take order, the waiter will pass this UFO to you.. when your dessert is done.. this UFO will beep.. there you go ur dessert.. So you dont need wait at the counter... SIT BACK and RELAX...

Its so sweet and cooling... yummy...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Me & "U"

Its been more than a month (12th Feb 2010) I be with "U"..

I can say its a good start due to we both willing to give each other "chance".. Really a "test and try" only.. but both of us willing to take this risk.. At beginning, this relationship doesnt come easy especially for me... As I doesnt cope well in Couple world.. I complain alots which I felt I lost my FREEDOM..

But along the way until now, I think its more harder for "U"... "U" are guiding me very well so that I can enjoying in OUR world.. "U" are really on top of my world..

Ours most of the things doesn't in common.. YES, I agree also that nothing is common.. Its all depends how both communication and adapt to each other.. that's why TOLERENCE & PATIENT take places.. We both learning from each other [but i feel i'm learning from "U" - that's y I feel so low]..
Slowly, we will have a lots in COMMON.. especially PHOTOGRAPHING..

Thank you for entering my CLOUDY's life..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I City Shah Alam

Date : 12th Mar 2010
Attendee : me & "U"

First photo shoot with "U".. hahaha.. doesnt purposely show you how good am I in photo shooting.. not that good but not that bad.. hehehe.. but not up to can handle the DSLR camera la... shooting just for fun only...

I City located at shah alam.. its quite a HOT topic recently... take a look the photo below then you will know...

(Wish all will found their HALF soon !! as I found "U")

(I found "U" among all)

(I'm so lost but "U" found me)

(I almost reaching !!)

Hope this place can maintain very well.. Its a nice place...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1st Dinner with "U" and my parent !!

Well, nothing so shout out for 1st dinner.. But just want to blog as a memory !!

This restaurant quite famous at my kampung and the price, we consider as reasonable but for KL people is consider cheap.. Luckily "U" said nice.. coz different people got different taste !! Waiting for one hour is worthy? hehe !!

I saw Jia Yu's host - Faye, had dinner at this restaurant before.. Real person not so pretty as in TV.. hehehe.. Anyway, this bill is for 5 persons.. so OK or not?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Am I Ready?

I spend a very nice weekend with "U" at my hometown.. To show "U" another side of me..

First time bring bf back to meet my parent.. Very nervous but yet excited.. Not only my parent feel happy for me but almost all relatives.. why? because everyone thought I will stay single forever.. But suddenly my Mr. Right appear.. this is call TIMING..

"U" are really steady when question by my parent and relatives.. I can see you really ready and well prepared.. "U" really able to give them the feeling - some sort like assurance to my parent that "U" will take care the rest of my life without worry.. and I do feel that my mother already CONFIRM "U" are the one..

But yet am I ready? will I perform that steadiness in front of "Ur" parent? I'm really nervous.. Anyway, no matter how nervous and not ready, time will come also.. I need to face it.. Be brave and most important is be natural..

Friday, March 5, 2010

My hectic schedule !!

I'm not good at organize my time.. Whatever come first, that's is my priority...

I think i'm still not get use with two peoples world.. I really need some time to adapt into this lovely world.. All these while, I'm alone [single] I feel free [well !! doesn't means NOW i'm being tied up].. Previously, whatever I did, i dont need to take anybody into my consideration.. Wherever I go? Whatever I do? However I talk? Whichever I act?..

Its another level of LIFE.. which I'm being waiting for.. Being SINGLE quite some time.. and everybody see me as a no leg BIRD [wish to flying up up the sky] that dont wish to stop... Y do people do have these kind of impression towards me? Actually all these years, I'm travelling here and there, meeting up a lots of people, I do enjoyed.. I do think - will I spend my entire life alone? As my Mr. Right not appear, so I start to think - it is my Fate? well.. let the nature take it cause.. So my only focus is TRAVEL..

As age increasing.. my feeling of hoping a relationship is slowly faded.. Age increasing meaning opportunity decreasing.. But suddenly "U" shining in front of me.. make my world so bright.. The timing SEEMS so perfect.. I thought I'm ready but yet I'm not prepared..

Now I'm in relationship, I cannot act, talk or go wherever or whatever I wish.. [not really lost freedom - but certain level of RESPECT].. I know "U" will think "why friend seems more important?" But those friends really a good good friends of mine which I know them quite some time.. and very very seldom meet up [once a year].. These really hard to make it balance.. When I'm single - i got plenty of time but none of them come to me... And now, I'm got "U", they all come to me at once.. Beside these, I also need to allocate some of my time for my family [the most important - my priority]..

I really wish "U" can understand me and be with me go through these period..

p/s : i'm not sure is good or not to blog it out publicly or should I make it private?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My temporary LOST Life !!

I'm feeling so lost recently... LOST of my direction !! Work? Personal? I'm really LOST..
May be too many things happen at once and I dont know how to cope with it.. Especially when two family members fall sick.. Its not a temporary sickness whereas quite a long term..
"Human" really fragile... then why we still dont want to appreciate each other existence? After experience "missing" & "gone", I do appreciate every single person who walk in to my life.. no matter is colleague / friend / relative / family especially..
We as a human always regret after miss it.. But since already know it, why still let the regret happen?
I need to find back my DIRECTION !! feeling LOST is so unsecure..

Monday, March 1, 2010

Its Complicated !!

In Relationship... really sound good.. But in fact.. want to maintain a relationship is not that easy.. Really involve alots of tolerance.. even though the Give and Take doesn't really balance.. But but.. at least have to be balance in mentally..

I need to consider the other Half's feeling whatever I act or talk.. Because once simply.. the consequences will be HUGE.. Its seems like I'm starting to lost MYSELF... in the middle of the jungle, like goin nowhere... where am I suppose to be???

Afraid of losing "U" but more afraid of losing "MYSELF".. being involve in two peoples world.. doesnt really mean I need to sacrifice my own "LIFE"? Certain level of control is needed but please be reasonable.. I'm adult.. I know what am I doing.. I know where is the "LIMIT"... If you dont trust me.. Then i really dunno how to proof it to you... Its you no confident to yourself..

"U" also have know where is the my "LIMIT".. dont test my patient.. I'm appreciate your care.. but when there is over means really exceed my patient...

Please be considerate where I'm standing...
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