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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

臭豆 @ Petai

I'm not sure what its call in English.. Probably some of you could tell...

Petai or in chinese 臭豆 its very bad smell vegetable or fruit? Its durian season, its also Petai season... Not many people like to eat durian.. same as this Petai... This is because after consume, its will leave bad breathe.. You need to take a lots of ways to eliminate the smell...

I like it very much.. Only can eat this once a year due to season.. Plus its getting rare and expensive.. Its only available at deep jungle.. Heard the tree very tall, so need special skill to get this... I'm not sure beside kampung, big city like KL available for sell or not?

Its not easy to cook this Petai.. A lots of things need to prepare... I like to eat, but i dont like the preparation... My sister also said very Mah Fan - leceh...

Original look - RM10.00

After remove from the original skin - still there is a white skin

After remove the white skin

The best Petai with sambal belacan
Ingredient - Chili, Onion, Belacan

My mom said to eliminate your bad breathe later, must eat a lots of Terung... I tried since young, but doesnt seems got effect...

Super mini size eggplant - RM1.00 - 14 pieces

Just cook with garlic and little soy sauce...

If eggplant cook with sambal belacan is the best.. but due to Petai is spicy so we opt for normal cook.... My sister cooking is getting better...

Soup is seems a must for my family.. I think almost for all cantonese family.. I love soup.. yummy... Just a simple soup, its so tasty...

About 10 minutes, you will get this simple yet delicious soup.. If you busy but wish to have home cook, this soup is your solution...
Egg, Ginger, little salt

One of my favourite home cook dish is fried pork chop.. My sister very good at it.. Even though the taste is same.. the way of preparation between my sister and mom is different.. But both really taste good... Mom will use mince meat but sister will use slice meat pork...

Sorry yeah, its look a bit dark / hangus..
This is due to the soy sauce during marinated..
the cooking skill not that good yet, so still dunno how to control the heat

Anyway, home cook food is the best.. no matter what.... My sister is in charge to cook, I in charge to eat... perfect..


  1. Looks like a decent home cooked food. At least better than mine

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  3. Although Petai is very smelly, its full of nutrients. Many stay away because of the smell and taste.

  4. pandai u cook these food . . . . can cook for me ar? =P

  5. I don't think it actually smells bad ...


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