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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LRT massive jam !!

Haih.. Malaysia's public transport really really terrible as my own experience. I'm not been travel to many countries but i found out HK and S'pore really thumb up to their MRT.. This is my own experience at HK and S'pore..

At M'sia, i'm a frequent user for public transport especially LRT. I take LRT to and off work.. First, it is cost saving for me and second to avoid traffic jam on the road.. haha.. no traffic jam while taking LRT? its HUMAN jammed instead.. Due to the frequency of the LRT not that often roughly 7-8 minutes.. a lot of ppl get stuck in the station just because cant get into the train..
During peak season like on and off work.. y cant the mgmt increase the train and reduce the frequency of each train so that the station and inside the train not so pack?? the train will be pack like those sardin in the cann.. an everybody is start to pushing each other just to get in or out..

during weekday and peak hours only the train frequency is 7-8 min, but during off peak hours and sat/sun, the frequency is about 20-30 min.. such a long waiting.. sometimes can "fat mou" jor..

at S'pore and HK.. my experience with the TRAIN was "super".. the frequency of the train is fast as you dont need to worry about missing a train and catch up with train and run run run just to catch the train.. since so many train available, so not much ppl in the train and i can feel it so comfortable..

M'sia GOVT always mention put more money in public transport and will upgrade it.. ceh.. i dont see any much different.. dunno where the money dump into.. increase all the toll got la.. build those stupid highway and increase whatever toll..

i really do hope the LRT can increase more train so that the frequency of the train and increase.. 7-8 min to 3-5 min for peak.. and at least 10 min for off peak on the waiting time..

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