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Monday, June 2, 2008

Da stupidest ever COMPANY !!~~!!

Even though i'm not big ppl in a company... even though i'm not so important to this company.. even though my da stupidest company not damn big and also not damn small.. even though KULIM not a big town..

But But But.. need to treat me like this or not? the best ever HOTEL at KULIM town is SERI M'SIA HOTEL.. y cannot u book that for me? instead of the stupidest ever CHINESE RECREATION CENTRE (CRC).. the room is damn dirty.. the bed damn cracky.. the toilet damn shit.. the environment damn creepy.. Overall.. the whole SHIT only suitable to damn ppl..

Please la.. i'm not try to be rude.. and i'm dont mean it.. but i really cannot stand already.. Da stupidest company asked me to come KULIM for training.. but book da stupidest room ever.. such a shit.. still i need to stay for 4 NITES.. how to stand that... i really will FCUK them.. no face given..

who dare to stay that stupid shit rooom for that looooongg.. and i'm alone and a girllll lo...
now not even better.. i'm stay in a motel.. a semidetached re-renovate to a small small room.. like those ciplak motel.. but at least here is better on the deco and clean.. even motel but this is the 1st class motel la.. huh..

the stupid CEO and his beloved PA can travel by MAS and stay at least CITITEL at mid valley.. whereas all other staff just stay at DA stupidest motel.. huh..

no face give liao this time.. huh.. such a shit to me.. i will double damn shit to them...

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