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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sleepy Day !!

Since i got the streamyx two weeks ago.. i turn to vampire almost everyday.. he he.. One day not online at home will be feeling uneasy.. cannot sleep nicely.. jsut feel sth is missing.. he he..

my sis will online first coz she cant online at company.. so when my turn is ON.. that will be quite late already.. so i will sleep quite late recently.. sigh !! my @_@ turn to pandan EyE and getting smaller and smaller.. haha

Now at this moment.. i just wake up from my two hours nap.. damn damn sleepi ler.. just got back from Malacca for 2 days 1 nitez.. didnt sleep well at hotel due to uncomfortable bed.. and walked 12 hours non-stop at malacca town.. this is crazy man.. haha.. i still very sleepi arghhh... will sleep early later la.. kaka

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